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#3735 - Friday, December 4, 2009 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights -



We NEVER send more than one email per day of the Nonduality Highlights.


However, there is the extremely rare exception.


I had just sent out today's Highlights when I saw the date, December 4, and suddenly remembered, it's the birthday of two of my favorite women and two ladies without whom there may be no Nonduality Highlights or


They are Gloria Lee and Christiana Duranczyk.


Gloria you know as a co-editor of the Highlights, and truly the heart of our endeavor. Gloria organized the world's first nonduality retreat in 2000, an event whose "fragrance remains," as attendee Greg Goode said last year when I happened to meet him.


It was my meeting with Gloria than led to the establishment of Nonduality Salon in the first place.


Christiana was an early editor of Highlights. Christiana was the first editor to add photographs and to give an artistic feel to the Highlights.


More importantly, Christiana gave me a lot of personal support behind the scenes in the very earliest days and months of, when popular nonduality was first being cooked and none of us knew what was happening beyond knowing that we had to let it happen.


Very happy birthdays to Gloria and Christiana, loving friends and colleagues.


Jerry Katz

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