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Highlights #376

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" Man's search is basically to be one with
existence. Separation hurts."


First one works to become one
with family, one with peers, one
with community.

When that fails, one's attention
begins to shift inward, as one
works to become one with self.


when that fails, as it must, then it could be said
that we are at the begining.


When one works to become one
and accomplishes that,
is there two or still one?



One has many opportunities to realize

...if one is willing to be deep down honest....

....even well before one has neutralized
their inner conflicts and fears...

that there is, and has always been, only one.

Admitting that is a kick in the ass.




Ed Aarons:

In thinking about the perceived separation of self and other,
consider how the use of one's name focuses energy into that

throughout life the sense of separation is conditioned in the
use of one's name by parents, teachers, peers, bosses, etc.,
by disiciplining, judging, denigrating, praising, applauding,
dominating, spoiling, cajoling, competing, etc.; the effect gets
hidden in the cells of the body ready to spring forth to play
the separate "me" in the duality show.

I am reminded that "Ed" is not the real "me".


This all points to concepts and masks of behavior which build up
into a personal identity. This personal identification incorporates
the body along with a set of concepts, belief systems, rules of
behavior, anxieties, and attitudes, given to us by the people and
culture that surrounds us through our formative years. Concepts of
self identification are reinforced when the people around us label
us with those characteristics.


David Hodges:

...synchronicity is not a law but an observation, by the great
psychiatrict thinker C.G. Jung. He coined the word synchronicity to
describe the phenomena of seemingly unrelated, coincidental events that are
meaningful. The example he used was that of a patient of his who was
describing a dream in which there was a colorful scarab beetle. Jung heard
a scratching at the window, opened it, and in popped a scarab beetle!

All of us have had these occurrences. They are meaningful in that they
demonstrate ... that all of manifestation is interconnected

Michael Johnston sent:

"Your perception of bondage and limitation stops you from living every moment
in your
natural state of absolute peace. This perception exists only as long as the
of personal will, and the ability to change things persist. As you can never be
absolutely sure what the next moment will bring you are always faced with the
By definition the unknown is something you cannot make judgments about. Of
course, you
do – you fear it, you try to avoid it, you worry about it. This keeps you
conscious of
a deep inner knowing - that you really don’t have control. When you have hit
the wall
and ‘lost’ control often enough, it is this knowing that propels you into the
for a spiritual meaning to life and your existence.

Why do you assume that there has to be a meaning or purpose? Without meaning or
purpose you are totally free to savor every moment of your life. You are free
of the
responsibility of fulfilling a purpose. This means, total spontaneous peace!

Your true nature is beyond concepts. Life as you are playing it is just a
game of concepts—illusions—faulty perceptions. You know that matter is made of
‘atoms’, which are made of—what? Electrons, protons, quarks? What are they made
There is no ‘thing’ there—nothing. Life is a spontaneous dance, with no dancers
and no
presiding choreographer who dictates the steps. There is no higher Intelligence
all this. It is just Spontaneity, pure and simple. Nothing has been created out
no-thing. Therefore no ‘one’ has been born and no ‘one’ dies. The soul is a
along with all the others you hold, that appeared despite you. They create the
illusion that life has a meaning and purpose.

Your accumulation of concepts is the burden limiting you from experiencing the
non-conceptual, unlimited You. Liberation from that burden lies in the eventual
falling away of all concepts until all that remains is the true Self. The Self
is then
‘realized’ and the absolute is infinitely present – as has always been the case.

What is the meaning of life? I can’t tell you. Neither can I tell you who you
What I can do is write articles like this that tell you who you are not, and
what is
not the meaning of life. I can only point out that any understanding you have
of life
is just a concept—and therefore a faulty perception.

Ultimately, that is the role of the Jnani. He is the dispeller of ignorance.
means that he does not try to explain what is, and give wonderful answers that
and inflate the ego.

All I can really do is help to dispel the ignorance of concepts with the
process of
logical deduction. If enough ignorance (concepts) falls away, you will start
glimpses of your essential nature - spontaneity. If all the concepts fall away,
will Experience that the total Absence of concepts is all there is, and You are
All desires, including the desire to know the meaning of life, will be absent.
A Jnani
knows at the deepest level that there are no absolute answers. At the same
time, he
enjoys the absolute peace of having no questions, no desires, no sense of
and, therefore, no need for validation."

--John Veltheim


Something must surf on the limit of time and eternity, in integration. It's
this perfume only one may know.


James Bean sent:

( online via )


In the forests, fields and mountains, He is the Supreme Lord God. As He
orders, so do His creatures act. He permeates the winds and the waters. He
is pervading in the four corners and in the ten directions. Without Him,
there is no place at all. By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, peace is obtained. || 2
|| See Him in the Vedas, the Puraanas and the Simritees. In the moon, the
sun and the stars, He is the One. The Bani of God's Word is spoken by
everyone. He Himself is unwavering - He never wavers. With absolute power,
He plays His play. His value cannot be estimated; His virtues are
invaluable. In all light, is His Light. The Lord and Master supports the
weave of the fabric of the universe. By Guru's Grace, doubt is dispelled. O
Nanak, this faith is firmly implanted within. || 3 || In the eye of the
Saint, everything is God. In the heart of the Saint, everything is Dharma.
The Saint hears words of goodness. He is absorbed in the All-pervading Lord.
This is the way of life of one who knows God. True are all the words spoken
by the Holy. Whatever happens, he peacefully accepts. He knows God as the
Doer, the Cause of causes. He dwells inside, and outside as well. O Nanak,
beholding the Blessed Vision of His Darshan, all are fascinated. || 4 || He
Himself is True, and all that He has made is True. The entire creation came
from God. As it pleases Him, He creates the expanse. As it pleases Him, He
becomes the One and Only again. His powers are so numerous, they cannot be
known. As it pleases Him, He merges us into Himself again. Who is near, and
who is far away? He Himself is Himself pervading everywhere. One whom God
causes to know that He is within the heart - O Nanak, He causes that person
to understand Him. || 5 || In all forms, He Himself is pervading. Through
all eyes, He Himself is watching. All the creation is His Body. He Himself
listens to His Own Praise. The One has created the drama of coming and
going. He made Maya subservient to His Will. In the midst of all, He remains
unattached. Whatever is said, He Himself says. By His Will we come, and by
His Will we go. O Nanak, when it pleases Him, then He absorbs us into
Himself. || 6 || If it comes from Him, it cannot be bad. Other than Him, who
can do anything? He Himself is good; His actions are the very best. He
Himself knows His Own Being. He Himself is True, and all that He has
established is True. Through and through, He is blended with His creation.
His state and extent cannot be described. If there were another like Him,
then only he could understand Him. His actions are all approved and
accepted. By Guru's Grace, O Nanak, this is known. || 7 || One who knows
Him, obtains everlasting peace. God blends that one into Himself. He is
wealth and prosperous, and of noble birth. He is Jivan Mukta - liberated
while yet alive; the Lord God abides in his heart.

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