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#3761 - Wednesday, December 30, 2009 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -    

Truth has to appear only once in a single mind, for it to be impossible ever to prevent it from spreading universally and setting everything ablaze.
- Pierre Teilard de Chardin   posted to Facebook by Susan Lucey  

December 30 is Ramana Maharshi's birthday.  

Q: By what indication are the learned able to recognize the jnani ?

Ramana Maharshi: From the mark of equality towards all beings one's (attainment of) jnana is inferred.  

You have not to proceed anywhere or arrive anywhere. If you get rid or all this proceeding and arriving, all of these notions and intentions, then what do you see? Who are you? How do you feel? Even the intention "I have to stay in silence" takes you out of silence. Give up all notions of staying anywhere. - Papaji  

posted to Facebook by Michaela Friedrich  

Open and Expansive

The Pali word for lovingkindness is metta. Sometimes, metta is translated simply as “love.” In our culture, the notion of love has assumed a complexity that obscures its true nature. Typically the word love conjures up thoughts of passion or sentimentality. Metta is neither of these, and this distinction is crucial.

The practice of lovingkindness is, at a certain level, the fruition of all we work toward in our meditation. It relies on our ability to open continuously to the truth of our actual experience, not cutting off the painful parts, and not trying to pretend things are other than they are. Just as spiritual growth grinds to a halt when we indulge our tendency to grasp and cling, metta can’t thrive in an environment that is bound to desire or to getting our expectations met.

In lovingkindness, our minds are open and expansive—spacious enough to contain all the pleasures and pains of a life fully lived. Pain, in this context, does’t feel like betrayal or an overwhelming force. It is part of the reality of human experience, and an opportunity for us to practice maintaining our authentic presence.

- Sharon Salzberg  

Understanding/knowing is not something had by a mind.

Therefore, contrasting enlightenment with nonenlightened states of mind is a misnomer.

It is true that you can attain to different types of experience and different states of mind through various versions of "spiritual practice."

However, because undivided understanding/knowing/being is not a state of mind, it cannot be produced - and therefore it is not the result of anything.

It is not the result of fasting, ingesting a drug, doing a spiritual practice, having the best teacher, being devoted, loving, sacrificing, etc.

You cannot and will not produce what is never not the case.

And by its very nature, the never-divided, is never-not-the-case.

The fragmentation of knowing through identification as a mind-body unit, as a center for knowing - is not actual.

So, how is it that illusion and associated delusions dissolve away, as never having existed in the first place? (And please note, the existence of any individual or collective center or centers, is an aspect of illusion/delusion).

One understands that there is nothing to dissolve away, as by its very nature, illusion never was there, and delusions had no center to be held by, to be maintained by.

This is why everyone is befuddled by their concepts of enlightenment, and all the things they try to do and not to do to be enlightened.

Deep down, what the person is, is a system of protection, which is to say, a fear of loss.

Loss of control, loss of possessions, loss of existence, loss of security, loss of love, loss of attention.

Said in another way, it is a system of grasping, of trying to hold, of trying to maintain.

Seeing through this attempt, seeing through this activity - is understanding.

Nothing will lead you to understanding, and nothing will produce understanding. 

It is missed because it cannot be had, and is the end of anything being held onto.

The only obstacle is the fear of releasing what is held, and thus understanding that it was never held in the first place.

And what is released includes any attachment to being spiritual, having a spiritual practice, having a spiritual experience or a spiritual understanding.

So, understanding is, at the same time, no understanding, nothing to understand, and no center from which to understand anything.

This simply is.

- Dan -  

posted to Open Awareness by Dan Berkow  

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