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#3766 - Monday, January 4, 2010 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -    

Hypothetical questions get hypothetical answers. - Joan Baez  

  "This aloneness is worth more than a thousand lives. This freedom is worth more than all the lands on earth. To be one with the truth for just a moment, Is worth more than the world and life itself."   - Rumi  

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by Alan Larus  

  "The silence of a quiet mind is the essence of that beauty. Because it is
silent and because it is not the plaything of thought, then in that silence
there comes that which is indestructible, which is sacred. In the coming of
that which is sacred then life becomes sacred, your life becomes sacred, our
relationship becomes sacred, everything becomes sacred."   - Krishnamurti

  Scott Kiloby  

When we say that all there is, is `this,' it includes the whole
ball of wax.  Recognizing timeless presence reveals that time is an
appearance of presence, as is cause and effect, becoming, evolution,
etc.  Yet it doesn't mean that we throw all those appearances out.
This, again, is why I think the teaching of inseparability is important.
This is not about denying time, cause and effect, evolution, and other
concepts.  It is about seeing that they are concepts and they are
appearing within timeless awareness.  They are inseparable from the
awareness within which they come and go.  So far from being a denial of
the "world," this is about seeing that the world is an
inseparable appearance within that which sees the world.  This is the
end of separation. It is not just the end of believing we are separate
people.  It is the end of believing that awareness is some metaphysical
realization detached from our everyday experience.  There is no
awareness "over here" and the world "over there."  There
is no separation between what we are calling awareness and the world.
This was expressed beautifully by the Indian sage, Shankara:

The world is an illusion
Brahman alone is real
Brahman is the world

The recognition of awareness is the seeing that what we took to be
totally real, the "world," is merely an appearance within
something completely stable and eternal-awareness.  The world is
illusory, like a dream.  And there is an actual recognition of awareness
available.  It's not a fairy tale.  But then we see that there is no
separation between those two things.  There is no gap.  Brahman
(awareness) IS the world.

In Zen, it is expressed this way:

First there are mountains

Then there are no mountains

Then there are mountains again

As mountains return, we see that they (and all other "things")
have no independent existence from the space within which they appear.
You are THAT.

This is stated in other ways when we say that consciousness is the
content of consciousness and vice versa, or emptiness is none other than
form. This is "not two."  Non-duality.

When I speak of recognizing non-conceptual awareness, that is the seeing
that there are no mountains.  Mountains are concepts.  There is no
world.  The world is a set of beliefs.  Yet, when there is real clarity
in that, concepts appear again.  Yet now they are seen to be what they
are, empty, inseparable appearances within the empty awareness that sees

So, in the recognition of awareness, life will continue to unfold in
appearances.  Isn't it wonderful and mysterious to realize this?
Non-duality leaves you right where you started, in the here and now, but
without the notion of separation.

How will that manifest in the future?  Will "This" appear
differently?  Of course it will, appearances move and change.  That is
what they do.  Awareness is like the unmoving and unchanging space
within which that happens.  The two are inseparable.

We want to be clear about the fact that "future" is nothing more
than a thought appearing in present awareness, right here and now.  This
brings it home completely.  We see that we are already at home.  This is
utopia.  This is love.  This is the Kingdom of Heaven.  In seeing this,
there really is the possibility of transformation, ironically.  There
will be the appearance of a next moment.  And it will also be
`this.'  But it will look very different.  It may appear
conceptually as "evolution."

How will it actually look?  Who could know . . .   We could speculate.
And speculation is quite fun.  Maybe there is a bright future for
humanity.  Maybe the earth will destroy itself.  Who could know?

Although there is no "we" ultimately, paradoxically, we are in
this together.  This unfolding..  What else is there to do other
than to be peace, to show compassion, to love, to be there for others
when there is suffering, to speak of how separation is illusory?  How
that will manifest is a mystery.  We'll see.

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