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#3769 - Thursday, January 7, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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Spiritual Traveler: Oneness of Creation

By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff


Traveler: There is only one Creator, or Light, yet there are many religions, paths, and ways of worship: why is this so?


Master: According to Design, each person finds the Creator in a different way.  One may seek salvation as a loving husband or wife and another may find the Infinite on a distant shore helping to ease suffering.  Each person is a universe and in this vast expanse it is easy to go astray.  Only the Creator's Kindness leads the traveler home.
Religion may be likened to a great river that feeds the land. The river winds its way as a mighty force and smaller tributaries are formed to serve the distant regions.  Some people are satisfied to drink of the smaller stream and forget they must travel the river to its Source.  Beyond the river's gate the Ocean is waiting.


Traveler: Where is the boat to journey the river for I am ready to depart?


Master: O little one, you are so eager.  Yet, you are already assail and your soul is the vessel.  Your heart is the compass and the Creator's Mercy is the breeze at your back.  If you bow in prayer, the Creator will provide all that you need and guide you to the Ocean.


The Fundamental Realization


During the course of each traveler's journey there comes a moment, an experience, when the traveler realizes and knows on a deep inner level, the point of the long search.  All the years of seeking and striving were a preparation for the moment when the traveler knows, touches and accepts the goal of the long search.  For all along it has been a journey of spirit, manifesting in a thousand different forms; yet always it was this underlying spiritual Unity which pulled the traveler forward.


All the years of longing, striving and seeking to fill the inner emptiness were preparations for this life changing moment.  Yes.  We are all of spirit and to know, honor and serve this Reality is the point of the long journey.  Some reach this realization quickly and others take much longer; in this regard, time is secondary to outcome.


The Foundation of the Way, or Path, consists of 3 basic universal laws which take the form of actions and imply direction.  These laws constitute the framework upon which the Way/Path is built and include:


-- There is a Creator/God/Universal Energy;

-- Who loves His/Her children;

-- And has created a Way/Path for each traveler to Attain (join in Kingship) with Him/Her.


While these laws have their origin in the nature of the Creator/God/Universal Energy, for purposes of this discussion they are multi-directional.  All 3 laws originate in the Creator and imply the action of Divinity toward humanity; while the second 2 laws imply reciprocity.  The traveler returns this love and seeks to serve and join in Kingship.  It is by far the former set of actions (Divinity to humanity), which are most important and eventually determine outcome.


If the Creator did not love His/Her children, then would not have created a way for the traveler to experience and draw closer.  Any progress along the Path begins with this fundamental realization- which for many is life altering -there is a Creator/God and this is the Ultimate Reality.  This affirmation is the first step, and for many travelers the most difficult.  When the traveler realizes and experiences there is a Creator, who is all loving, the gates of love open and flood the traveler's heart.  Then, the journey begins in earnest.


Thoughts to Ponder


And the day will come
When all the things we cherished will have passed
We shall stand naked before the King/Queen,
Who will ask: What remains?


And from the depth of our heart
Will arise a loving whisper:
O Lord, You are the Eternal Reality.


~ ~ ~

Religion provides a framework, a basis and structure
To continue the spiritual journey.
Travelers must understand
There is both and internal and external reality to religion.


The internal reality is timeless and transcendent;
While the external is bound to factors like culture, time and place.
* * *


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Also by Dr. Bitkoff, A Commuter's Guide to Enlightenment (Llewellyn, 2008) and Journey of Light: Trilogy (Authorhouse, 2004); these books are available from publisher or on

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