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#3796 - Wednesday, February 3, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights

Spirit of Nonduality radio is on the air today, Wednesday, February 3, from 12:30 to 2:30 PM EST

Listen to the streamed program at

You will need the right software in order to listen. I use Foobar2000, a free and simple Windows program that works well for me:

However, I would think that more common audio players should work.

Spirit of Nonduality is hosted by Mandee Moon and Jerry Katz. Our guests today are James Traverse and Maryse Thuot. They'll be talking about their upcoming Coalescence Day in Halifax, Nova Scotia, being held Feb. 20.

Mandee, James, and Maryse are longtime established Yoga teachers, each with their own style and emphasis, but all connected at the level of nondual understanding.

Mandee and I will talk about community. We're also featuring Ron Van Dyke, a pianist at the Seasons Bistro in Halifax. We recorded Ron's playing and a brief talk with him.

Jerry will review an undecided book!

The music is intentionally chosen by Mandee to fit each show. You are sure to enjoy it and perhaps you will discover new artists.

As Spirit of Nonduality develops, the show will include guests from around the world, and not just the famous sages, but those who live an expressive, creative, interesting life. In the next few weeks we'll be accepting phone calls and placing phone calls live on the air. We're also committed to featuring artists of various kinds, musicians, poets, actors, dancers, chefs, etc.

~ ~ ~

Spirit of Nonduality - Wednesday, February 3, from 12:30 to 2:30 PM EST

Listen to the streamed program at

Mandee Moon:

James Traverse

Truth and Reality

That which is True is Real
That which is Real is not necessarily True

Reality is of the measure of your thinking mind whereas Truth is beyond measure.

Here's the test: if it doesn't exist when you are not thinking about it then it is not ultimately true.

One timeless story that is used to illustrate this very important distinction is the 'rope and the snake' as follows:

Consider the case of a man who is terrified of snakes crossing a meadow in dim light; he steps on a rope, thinks that the rope is a snake and he suffers a panic attack.

In this case the man's panic attack is Truth yet the cause of his attack is Reality that is untrue. The Truth is that he stepped on a rope and instead of acting, he reacted by interpreting his present experience through the filter of the past experiences of his thinking mind.

In this light the content of your thinking mind is Truth as your thoughts yet thoughts are symbols that represent things rather than being the things themselves [thoughts are a form of Reality rather than Truth]. This story also shows that although thoughts are not Truth they have the power to govern your behaviour because action comes out of seeing such that seeing is doing and what you believe to be true is a form of seeing [in other words your belief makes whatever you believe true for you, yet it may be Reality and not Truth].

This distinction between Reality and Truth is the true meaning of 'maya' that is often translated as illusion. Another root meaning of 'maya' is 'to measure' as in mentally measuring/describing something - here the meaning is self-evident as something like the mental description of water will never satisfy your thirst [the description is Reality, actually drinking water would be Truth and in the latter case thinking is not required].

Imagine how conflict ridden life situations would be if folks acted primarily from the Reality generated by their thinking mind rather than the Truth of what is. The harsh fact is that this is precisely the case in our world today as our knowledge based societies have entrained us to live in our heads, in a world of concepts and ideas, that manifests as the struggling, suffering and turmoil that is everywhere evident [the good news is that clearly seeing the problem is the means to resolve it as the solution is always in the situation].

James Traverse

Maryse Thuot

Trance Dance Ritual

Trance dance allows the mind to empty itself of itself. Through the healing power of inedited movement, spirit is invited to reside within, allowing the dancers to weave themselves back to wholeness, while trusting the process of perpetual transformation. Into the void that exists beyond space and time, the dancer becomes the dance. By merging into infinite space, the dancer becomes all encompassing. In this open state of being, the entranced dancer connects with the cycles of life, death and rebirth, and with the ancestral heritage of human emotions, from ecstasy to struggle, thereby facilitating the release of stagnant energy. When the natural movements and sounds of the body are unleashed, without restrictions or rules, the dancer becomes free from the bondage of the past and the expectation for the future. As the dancer moves into trance, the primal life-force that dwells at the core of each being is awakened, bringing along spiritual evolution, healing and wholeness into one’s existence.

To help the dancer go into a state of non-ordinary reality, beyond the confinement of worldly concerns, habits, projections, rational analysis and inherited beliefs, trance dance uses tools to overwhelm the mind so that spirit can manifest. The means employed are the practice of clear intention, breath work, rhythmic stimulation, unedited movement, and the neo-shamanic use of a blindfold to provide the dancer with the protective cover of darkness.

~ ~ ~

I'm tremendously privileged to be in the same room with Maryse, James, and Mandee. You are invited to join us.

Spirit of Nonduality - Wednesday, February 3, from 12:30 to 2:30 PM EST

Listen to the streamed program at

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