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#3801 - Monday, February 8, 2010 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -      

Tesshu was a renowned sword fighter and zen adept. He visited Dokuon and declared portentously that everything that existed was a pure void, that neither he nor Dokuon really existed but just imagined they were there. Master Dokuon said nothing while Tesshu preached away, but when he had finished he picked up his long smokers pipe and gave Tesshu a smart blow on the head. Tesshu was so angry at this that he almost killed Dokuon and would have done so if the Master had not said, "The void is very soon aroused to anger, I see..."   Tesshu smiled weakly and departed. 


  However you believe the world to be, that's
exactly how the world will present itself to you.

You are always living your life out into your
beliefs about how life is.

You'll see something in your life whenever you
begin to believe it strongly enough.

It's not the other way around.

In fact, you're creating your own private hell
every day through your attachment to your
belief that this.right here and right now,,,
is not heaven.
                                                  - Chuck Hillig

posted to Along The Way  

  Paul Brunton  

This notion that we must wait and wait while we slowly progress out of
enslavement into liberation, out of ignorance into knowledge, out of
the present limitations into a future union with the Divine, is only
true if we let it be so. But we need not. We can shift our
identification from the ego to the Overself in our habitual thinking,
in our daily reactions and attitudes, in our response to events and
the world. We have thought our way into this unsatisfactory state; we
can unthink our way out of it. By incessantly remembering what we
really are, here and now at this very moment, we set ourselves free.
Why wait for what already is?

— Notebooks Category 23: Advanced Contemplation > Chapter 1: Entering
the Short Path > # 1
posted to Wisdom-l by Mark Scorelle  


Non-Duality in a Nutshell

1.  You start out with the belief that you are a separately existing self in a world of other, separately existing things that live within a reality called space and time

2.  You see that what you took to be separately existing things are thoughts and sensory experiences.  Space and time are also seen to be just thoughts.   

3.  You notice that these thoughts and sensory experiences are really just movements that come and go within an unchanging and unmoving, ever-present formless, non-conceptual awareness, and realize that your real identity is this awareness.  Because you cannot know yourself as a separate thing, without consulting thought and sensory experience, you see that you--separate self--are also just a movement within awareness. 
4.  You see that these thoughts and sensory experiences are never experienced outside of this awareness.  Therefore, these thoughts and experiences are seen to be inseparable appearances of awareness, rather than separately existing things. 

5.  In this seeing, you no longer absolutize or privilege either the appearances that come and go or the awareness that remains unmoving and unchanging.  To absolutize or privilege one over the other is still duality.  It is treating appearances as separable from awareness as vice versa.

6.  The realization of this inseparability of life brings joy, love, peace, and freedom that is not dependent on any appearance and yet permeates every appearance.  It celebrates formless awareness in all its diverse forms and sees those as inseparable.  

Find out where you are on the list above.  Knowing what belief you are carrying goes a long way in dispelling it.   

Much love



Eckhart Tolle TV: Awareness is Impersonal

Eckhart Tolle on The Dark Night of The Soul

Last year, I was invited to join a small group with Eckhart Tolle and the newly formed online venture, Eckhart Tolle TV, for a week in a closed studio. It was a very memorable event.

The entire series was filmed; a short dialogue between us was recorded. I believe it captures his magic beautifully.

Click here to watch this Eckhart Tolle dialogue and to enjoy the wonderful work of Eckhat Tolle TV.

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