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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #3827, Saturday, March 6, 2010, Editor: Mark

Fear is not going to help us in any way. Fear makes the mind lose all its strength. Remember, even to have fear, you must have faith in your fear. You have faith in your fear, and that's why you are afraid. But you should know that fear is not going to bring you any benefit. Faith and fear don't go together. Either you have faith, or you have fear. You know that you are alive now. Why don't you enjoy the now, rather than worry about the future? Enjoy both getting and losing. So, if you know the ultimate truth, there's no reason to fear. Don't let that fear come near you at any time. Learn to live in the golden present.

God bless you. OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

- Swami Satchidananda, posted to meditationsocietyofamerica

When I teach meditation, I often begin by saying: "Bring your mind home. And release. And relax."

To bring your mind home means to bring the mind into the state of Calm Abiding through the practice of mindfulness. In its deepest sense, to bring your mind home is to turn your mind inward and rest in the nature of mind. This itself is the highest meditation.

To release means to release the mind from its prison of grasping, since you recognize that all pain and fear and distress arise from the craving of the grasping mind. On a deeper level, the realization and confidence that arise from your growing understanding of the nature of mind inspire the profound and natural generosity that enables you to release all grasping from your heart, letting it free itself to melt away in the inspiration of meditation.

To relax means to be spacious and to relax the mind of its tensions. More deeply, you relax into the true nature of your mind, the state of Rigpa. It is like pouring a handful of sand onto a hot surface, and each grain settles of its own accord. This is how you relax into your true nature, letting all thoughts and emotions naturally subside and dissolve into the state of the nature of mind.

- Songyal Rinpoche, posted to Distillation

At the intellectual level there can be no end to questions. Instead, hang on to the one who is asking. That is all you need do. Indeed, there is nothing else really that you could do. If you can do this, never allowing the self to escape your attention, you will ultimately find that the seeker is none other than consciousness seeking its own source and that the seeker himself is both the seeking and the sought - and THAT IS YOU.

- Ramesh Balsekar, posted to ANetofJewels

Alfred Aiken used to say, "When talking (or digging or inquiring) always, always, always start with Awareness, Consciousness, Self, or some other synonym - never start with I, mine, me or my." Never is it the case that "I" am being Awareness, or that it is "my" Awareness. It has to be turned completely around - Infinite Awareness is the only "I" if that term is going to be used - and only in the Divine Sense.

- Peter Francis Dziuban, posted to OAStudyGroup

We consider bibles and religions divine -
I do not say they are not divine,

I say they have all grown out of you, and
may grow out of you still.

It is not they who give the life, it is you
who give the life.

Leaves are no more shed from the trees,
or trees from the earth, than they are
shed out of you.

- Walt Whitman, posted to AlongTheWay

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