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#3830 - Tuesday, March 9, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights -      


Science and Nonduality Anthology, Volume 1
3-DVD set, 21 interviews, 600 minutes

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hese are crystal clear nuggets of essential nondual teachings relevant to each speaker’s background. The responses to the question, What is nonduality? are alone worth the price.  

Here are notes from the interview with Loibon Le Baaba  


Loibon brings you literally to the bone of death via the cycle of life, oneness, ecology, inseparateness of I, me, you, yours. Headhunting and murder in tribal warfare are discussed intelligently and as part of the cycle of life. Are you or are you not expendable? Find out. Loibon is a powerful and challenging teacher.

Introduction: Loibon is a title meaning shaman, teacher, or medicine keeper. It refers to a fount of consciousness from the ancestor, or God. Loibon tries to help people see things from a primitive tribal way of thinking, which incorporates every possible way of thinking, yet transcends doctrine or dogma.

What is nonduality? There is no difference that’s real. There is a difference that’s relative. One is not to avoid being attached. The problem is being attached to an attachment.

What is the tribal perspective of nonduality? Everything is alive, intelligent, and sentient, for everything is part of what is. There is no time of creation or destruction; there are cycles, hence peace, no death, only change, no birth, only change.

I am the carrier of what has come before me; the ego is necessary but is not our being. There is no sense of equality or inequality in tribal culture. The sense of balance includes imbalance.

You are I are different as day and night but our life is one, our soul is one. Is there enlightenment? In the true sense of being in the light, all there is, is the light, which is not separate from darkness, so nothing to achieve or accomplish, we are that.

The only process is to be aware of that, to accept it, and to live it. Those that refuse to live or learn or be it, they’re expendable. “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem,” said Malcolm X, who also said, “If you are to liberate you need to educate.”

What is the context of headhunting in tribal society? In tribal culture the way of thinking is very primal. The survival of the whole is most important and every individual is a potential sacrifice for the well being and health of the whole. In tribal conflicts they go into conflict without trying to avoid death, but for the purpose of killing. If they are killed the exhilaration of acceptance is greater than doing the killing because when they are killed they are sacrificing individuality to become one with the ancestor which sustains everything. It’s an honor to join the ancestors. The head is taken back to the village of the taker and is decorated and kept in the main living space of the family of the taker. The head elder may sleep on the skull as a pillow to absorb the life energy. The liver and heart is also eaten to carry on the strength of the great warrior who sacrifices his physical being. Loibon: “It’s an honor, whatever we do to each other. It’s a privilege. Totally different way of thinking.”

Science and Nonduality Anthology, Volume 1

3-DVD set, 21 interviews, 600 minutes

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