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#3832 - Thursday, March 11, 2010 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -      

The fundamental delusion of humanity is to suppose that
I am here and you are out there.  

- Yasutani Roshi

All of this a union vast and spacious,
And all those skilled in realizing this
Do not see consciousness, they see pure wisdom,
Do not see sentient beings, they see buddhas,
Don't see phenomena, they see their essence,
And out of this compassion just emerges.

- Milarepa, a Song of Realization
posted to Daily Dharma

Here, bliss is not like the intoxication of wine or wealth, or even like union with a lover. The emergence of the light of consciousness is not like the light produced by a lamp, by the sun, or by the moon. The happiness of release from accumulated differentiation is a joy like the removal of a burden. The emergence of the light of consciousness is the recovery of a forgotten treasure - the abode of complete non-duality.

- Quoted in
Dynamic Stillness/Part One: The Practice of Trika Yoga p.183
A reader's contribution sent by Heather Harvey  

You are undoubtedly here, present. The only commonality of a lifetime of experience has been this always-here-ness, this presence. Everything else has changed, the body, the thoughts, the feelings, emotions, sensations....What-you-are is just simply HERE. There isn't anything else to say about it. It cannot be described, because it's not objective like the rest of it, like all experiences. It isn't an experience. It's just your presence. It's just the present activity of knowing. It's going on right now. It's here. It's unmistakably and obviously here. It's how the world is known. It's how the body is known. It's how thoughts are known.

It's how anger, frustration, sadness, and every other feeling or emotion is known. It's not objective. It's not an experience. It's the experiencING. The knowing. Can you deny that? Are you ever without it? Does it leave? Does it change? Does it come and go? No. It does not. It's not difficult. It doesn't require searching. It's that IN WHICH the search takes place, the idea of seeker takes place. It's not personal - the personal is the quality of the body, of thoughts. You are THAT which knows the personal. It's not individual - the individual is appearance - objective - quantifiable, measurable, changing. It's just this present knowing - this subjective "I"-ness. It's always here. You are looking FOR your true Self, when all the while you are already looking FROM your true Self. Just notice.

- Randall Friend

You Are Dreaming
posted to Along The Way  

Without self-realization no virtue is genuine. 
It is only when you arrive at the deepest
conviction that the same life flows through
everything, and that you ARE that life, that
you can begin to love naturally and spon-

                               - Ramesh S. Balsekar
posted to Along The Way

Although the pure truth has never been stated, nevertheless it has never been lost.

Its existence does not depend upon human statement but upon human sensitivity.

In this it is unlike all other knowledge.

— Notebooks of Paul Brunton
If you can think about, it's not the truth.
- Robert Adams
  posted to Wisdom-l by Mark Scorelle  


("Less Talent, More Skin" -- a CNN headline about the Miss America pageant)  

No More Clichés
Beautiful face
That like a daisy opens its petals to the sun
So do you
Open your face to me as I turn the page.

Enchanting smile
Any man would be under your spell,
Oh, beauty of a magazine.

How many poems have been written to you?
How many Dantes have written to you, Beatrice?
To your obsessive illusion
To your manufactured fantasy.

But today I won't make one more Cliché
And write this poem to you.
No, no more clichés.

This poem is dedicated to those women
Whose beauty is in their charm,
In their intelligence,
In their character,
Not on their fabricated looks.

This poem is to you women,
That like a Shahrazade wake up
Everyday with a new story to tell,
A story that sings for change
That hopes for battles:
Battles for the love of the united flesh
Battles for passions aroused by a new day
Battles for the neglected rights
Or just battles to survive one more night.

Yes, to you women in a world of pain
To you, bright star in this ever-spending universe
To you, fighter of a thousand-and-one fights
To you, friend of my heart.

From now on, my head won't look down to a magazine
Rather, it will contemplate the night
And its bright stars,
And so, no more clichés.

~ Octavio Paz ~
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