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Highlights #384

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Space is nonbeing.
Nonbeing appears where there is no space.
Formless and inexhaustable.
Being appears in nonbeing.
Emptiness is filled.
Creativity appears in stillness.

--Andrew Macnab


Gene, always thrilling to hear from you.

I feel a great deal of empathy with this model, but then my
original background is electronics, though as you know it
is a widely used model in many fields. I particularly
appreciate the wonderful bridge it makes between the
physical and the non-physical.

My most major insights in the realization process for me
came from this model.

I must add, that the model is fading... it too being a
construct of the interactions, but....

You wrote: _3 Our 'physical universe' is composed of
'standing wave patterns' (interference patterns) which are
the product of our continual energetic emanations, as they
are bounced off of the 'form' of samskara. This insight
leads to certain conclusions:

_a The physical universe 'exists' as a product of force and
reflection of force;

_b If the transmission of force halts, the universe
disappears; and/or

_c If the 'samskara' are allowed to dissolve (no
reflection), emanated force moves outward from the center,
in an infinite que.


A matter of interest to me has been the source energy. I
originally saw it as actual energy, the common everyday
invisible non-physical motive kind. Infinite of course.

Also, originally, I could not imagine there not being this
source energy.

Since then, I have experienced _a, _b and _c above.

Well, I experienced _b in that I saw that the Universe was
created purely by this interference pattern of energy, not
so much that the transmission source halted. The pattern
has always (in the now) been here, but it is not at all the
Physical Universe that I knew. It is a non-physical

And _c is experienced off and on, when possible, which
further amplifies the effect of a non-existant Universe.

With respect to the source energy, I have seen it over the
last while, as an energy of compassion or Love, similar to
that mentioned in our more recent conversations of power or
power dissipation through identity. Actually more like an
escence. IT's escence, IT's only characteristic.

Previously I had not seen this energy as Love energy, and
it was one of the keys for me. Love to me has always been
very physical; not like sex physical, so much as "physical
Universe model" physical.

This subtle change in the energy source has not changed the
model, but changes the nature of the reflections. It's
almost as if they were created intentionally... as I found
myself saying in an earlier post.. "Imagine creating ego
and purposly throwing yourself into it to show its
futility." A genuine "act of compassion" especially at such
a level.

The reflections present a SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) of 1:1
when perfectly balanced. The reflections exactly equal the
source, the creation reflects in entirety the perfect
Compassion that was transmitted. Infinite expenditure,
infinite reflection, zero loss.

This perfect balance refelcts an infinite variety of
harmonics of zero amplitude.... yep, that's us folks. Zero
amplitude, but brightly illuminated by the light of the

So if I resist, identifying and claiming a stake in this
marvel as an individual apart, I cause a discontinuity
absorb energy and heat and create a reflection.

If I resonate, I absorb very little energy, cause little
reflection, yet empathize with the source, become one with

An interesting aspect is an "answer to the question", "what
happens if everybody resonates?" and there is no
relfection. There's a transform function (Laplace) that
convers time based phenomena to frequency based phenomena.
There's a theoretical element called the impulse funtion.
It is represented by the number "1". It is an infinite
pulse of zero duration.

What is "IS" baby. This is ALL now. Resonate or reflect. Do
with the energy as you will. Either way it's perfect.



More on 'tonal harmonics':

In physics, it is said that 'given a perturbable medium'
(such as water) and a 'periodic perturbation to that
medium', that an observer will note 'standing waves'.
Imagine this as tossing pebbles into a pond on a regular
basis, say every 20 seconds. If the pebbles are about the
same size, and are tossed into the center of the pond, one
at at time, an interesting thing is observed.

We can note that as a pebble hits the water, it produces
outgoing waves. As the next pebble is tossed, the outgoing
waves it produces, collide with the returning waves
produced by the first pebble.

If this process is continued, 'interference patterns' are
seen to be predictably displayed on the surface of the
pond. This is of course, if the pond is small, so that the
energy of the outgoing waves bounces from the boundaries of
the pond, to return to the center.

A 'standing wave' is possible only if there is continued
input of energy into the system in question; a standing
wave is what is seen in 'cross section' of the pond, above.
Imagine two kids holding the ends of a long jump-rope, each
'waving' the rope. A nice 'sine' wave can be produced this
way, and it will maintain, as long as the kids move the
rope. If they stop putting energy into the rope, it just
droops and falls to the ground. In short, without
energy-input, there is no wave-pattern. A standing wave,
stands only when energized.

The issue of 'tonal harmonics' is a vast one, which I will
not try to cover in a single posting. Here are some

_1 In an infinitely large 'pond', there is no (shore)
boundary to send the force back to the center, if there was
a center to infinity. Any energy expended in this vast
infinite 'pond' simply goes outward forever, in a que of

_2 In this vast infinite pond, our energetic emanations
find reflection, not on a far shore, but against our own
limitations. It is this force of reflected emission which
we know as 'Karma'; our 'limitations' are known as
'Samskara'. By this process of sending and resending and
resending, always sending back the resendings (reflected
from samskara), our 'physical universe' is formed. Our
universe is a vast pattern of resonance and dissonance, or
'tonal harmonics'.

(Please note Etemoids: send, sent, resending, resentment;

_3 Our 'physical universe' is composed of 'standing wave
patterns' (interference patterns) which are the product of
our continual energetic emanations, as they are bounced off
of the 'form' of samskara. This insight leads to certain

_a The physical universe 'exists' as a product of force and
reflection of force;

_b If the transmission of force halts, the universe
disappears; and/or

_c If the 'samskara' are allowed to dissolve (no
reflection), emanated force moves outward from the center,
in an infinite que.

In either case above, the 'physical universe' no longer
exists. In (b), force is halted, but samskara remain;
subjectively, this is a 'state of Being' in which there is
'no reaction'. This is what I call 'abiding'. In this
abiding, samskara (the personalized forms which we desire
and/or avoid) are clearly seen for what they are; in this
way is Karma visualized. In this state, there is nothing
but 'alive stuff', and it is 'all you'. People who have
this experience, have been known to say, 'I have created my

In (c) above, with no reflection, emanated force fills the
entire of infinity. In this 'version', if there is a moment
of self-reflection (IE, identification), the whole process
of reflection begins again. This is akin to the 'big bang'
event, or as I prefer to call it, the "Play It Again, Sam"
syndrome of self-creation via self-interruption.

(One might ask of the above, "why does samskara reflect?"
Samskara reflects, because we have 'stabilized' it into a
virtual solid, by the (unconscious) act of repression.
"What we resist, persists".)

In our shared reality, it is possible to learn to take
advantage of the above 'inevitable events', much in the
same way that a surfer rides waves. It is the deliberate
study of this and the practical exploitation of this, that
is called 'Yoga'.

For more information on this kind of thing, please read:

"The Secret Oral Teachings in Tibetan Buddhist Sects" by
Alexandra David-Neel (City Lights Books, SF, Ca)

Now, pass me that electron-wrench...



Last night, or rather about 4:30 AM this morning, "I"
awakened with the awareness that an "other", in female
form, had become an integral part of "me". "She" and "I"
were simply loving each other as "myself". This act of
loving felt *whole* and extremely peaceful.

The "Observer-self" noted, that though this event was
previously considered inconceivable, all 'that talk' about
"we are all really one" now seemed astonishingly real.

Loving the Self



I could say I know what you mean and it would be true.

There is a doorway or an opening which is direct. I
experienced this with my father after he died. I communed
with him and we reconciled.

I guess my only caveat is that I wouldn't say it was
"myself." And I feel it as all being connected and not all
one. This could be semantics. And peaceful was not the
response I experienced although I feel that depends on the

There is a place that we can look from and through our eyes
which is the same place. We can find each other there and
all is whole and connected. It all breathes together.

I have found a way to heal. I am not "good" at it yet. It
has to do with holding. Holding things together and in
place. The doorway is inward and direct. It does not matter
what is happening "out there." This place is strong and
firm and very kind but it is not emotional as I normally
experience emotions.


TIM HARRIS (from the I AM list)

Image is false.

Sound is absolute.

Sound is void of image.

Image needs sound.

The experience of 'here/now' is 'mind'.

No-mind does not move 'forward'.

Mind does not move 'back'.

Time does not exist between these points.


Each unit of 'time' (day, week, month, year, moment,
whatever) are proportionate and thus no distinction can be

Existence works from 'beginning' to 'end'... it 'is' this

Thus, what you 'are' (a single sound of 'all' sounds
altered by experience/perception/judgement) exists as the
'being element' of an absolute understanding 'here/now'
which is eternally 'divisible', as is mind, to the edge of
'first cause/effect' but 'can not' be made larger than the
whole of the/this experience.

To see 'beyond' is to 'know no-mind'(all mind or the
merging into the Buddha-mind or God-self as mind) yet can
not be 'grasped' as 'it's (other) knowing' for, 'becoming'
does not exist in this moment.


There is no where to 'go'. Only in silence 'within' can one
see the 'first' manifestation of this single moment.

At the first 'awakened realization'... 'panic' then 'rest'.

Thus, what you and others 'think' you are (a projected
image of judgement/perception leveraged against the silence
of 'being' defined by its label and agreed on as it's
definition) does not exist.

Do not move on this image.

This is your image.

Silence is your sound.

Light does not exist but for a string of frequencies giving
form. No-form is 'still' light.

Sound is a string of connected cause/effect events that
change the projected image (or end point) in the becoming
of the I AM.

Image is a destination that moves (changes) with each
'turn' thus to focus on this end is to never know and be
lost in the 'spin' of the cycles of life, death, and

To know one's own sound, is to understand that at this
moment, here/now, one is at the pinicle of 'all' experience
and thus 'perfect to this point' yet striving at 'becoming
excellence' which, as we know, does not exist. :o)








...LOL... I think.

I do not.

Is 'plain to see' there?


Jesus Christ


SHANKAR (from I AM list)

Dear Tim

This is wonderful! Thanks!

But, I think mind does move back, which is Self-Enquiry.
And, even the primeval sound source of creation, Aum,
arises after the rise of the 'body-consciousness'.
Therefore, even sound is not absolute.

All exist in the Self alone. Self alone is absolute.

Kind regards.




When you know what you are not, you will only be what you
are. You are what you are already, but thick clouds of
ideas and concepts confuse and confound us. The most
pervasive concept is "I am a body." Surprisingly, this is
also the easiest concept to drop.

To know what you are not, no meditation is required or
recommended. No mantras are necessary to be chanted. No
particular diet is important. All these things will only
add to the cloud of concepts, making it ever thicker.

Once a day, when going to bed at night, drop all concepts.
Drop the past, the present and the future. Drop the idea
that you are a body, drop ALL ideas. Let everything
perceivable and conceivable fall away immediately upon
turning out the light. This becomes habitual after a while,
and upon lying down to sleep everything falls away by
itself. No effort is required. Surrender is automatic and
absolutely effortless when there is nothing to counteract

When "I am the body" is no more, there will come times
where you will be unable to locate yourself in space,
especially when the body's eyes are closed. You will not
really know where you are. This is normal, because you are
truly everywhere and nowhere. Let that sense of being
located somewhere fall away, and do not fear the sensation
of being nowhere in particular. When those times begin to
appear, "I am the body" is no more.

Along with the body-identity goes identity with the mind,
as the two are a unit. There will be difficulty in placing
a "me" anywhere, because there is nowhere for the "me"
concept to rest but on the body. When the mistaken and
fallacious notion "I am a body" is gone, the "me" goes
along with it. There may be the illusion that this takes
some time; let that alone and go along with whatever comes
to pass, fearlessly.

The concept of time is intimately connected with thought.
In fact, time is thought, and thought is time. When thought
becomes still, the perception of time immediately ceases.
There is no way to quiet thought by will, since willpower
is itself thought. Simply realize this. If thoughts occur,
they will occur... it is certainly not "you" generating
this! Let the forces that govern these things act as they
will; it is under the control of nobody.

The Hindu idea of the three gunas is remarkably similar to
the Western scientific view of protons, neutrons and
electrons, which (in the form of atoms) make up
*everything*. Everything is a play of three forces.
Electrons may be viewed as "rajas," the motive force,
protons as "tamas" (the obscuring force), and neutrons as
"sattva" (the spiritual force).

Since everything that occurs is simply a play of these
forces, there is no room for a "me" or any other concepts,
is there? The forces interact and produce matter and
energy, and that is all there is -- matter and energy.

Thought is a combination of electrons (the motive force)
and chemical interaction (these chemicals are all made up
of protons, neutrons and electrons). The body is also made
up of protons, neutrons and electrons, as is everything
else. There is no central controller, no "me" involved. See
this clearly. The forces will interact precisely as they
will, and all else is illusion.

Do not take these words too literally; they are pointers
and no more. They are not subject to argumentation. If they
are not useful, drop them now and delete this posting.

You may immediately begin once per day, upon retiring to
bed, to drop everything. At first it may seem like it takes
some effort to do this. Let it become habitual, and very
rapidly it will be seen that you were fighting against this
surrender, and then it will be seen that the "you" fighting
the surrender is no more than yet another concept among all
others, and then that the surrender itself is also a
concept. Let things occur as they will and stop moving away
from what occurs naturally.



Is the sun consciousness? At one time in the 70's I was
into my own brand of sun worship. I would stare into the
sun at its height for two or three seconds at a time.
Probably not a smart thing to do. I saw the sun as
consciousness and meditated upon it. I carried this on for
several years. It seemed to be a purifying act. A healing
act. Any image could be visualized and then transplanted
onto the sun for 'healing'.

Anyone else ever get into the metaphysics of the sun?



We know that the further away a star, the older the image.
Looking out there, I couldn't get my mind around the fact
that in an expanding universe then, all the things on the
perimeter of our vision would be the oldest, yet closer to
the center, presuming a big bang of course. Yet "I" was
closer to "now" than anything else I saw.... farther from
the center.... yet in the center.

It left me perplexed. How could I not have "understood"
then? Space has the answer, if we were not so stubbornly

Perhaps that's the purpose. Imagine, creating ego and
throwing yourself into it, just to show it's futility.

My goodness, what more is there in store?



I have seen how "I am", "we are", "all is" an outgrowth of
the sun's energy. In a sense, we are the sun.

The sun seems like a good metaphor of Pure Awareness
Manifesting as ALL, making us an aspect of Itself.



I have found the Sun has it's own consciousness just like
the earth does, although we call her Gaia.

As Nuit declared in the first section of the (Egyptian)
Book of the Law: "Every man and every women is a star."

For further reading:

Here you will find an introduction and explanation of how
great souls become stars from the ancient Egyptian view

Some day Jerry, you must come and jump into the Sun with

Love, Susan

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