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#3843 - Monday, March 22, 2010 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -      

The Name of a Fish
by Faith Shearin

  If winter is a house then summer is a window
in the bedroom of that house. Sorrow is a river
behind the house and happiness is the name

of a fish who swims downstream. The unborn child
who plays the fragrant garden is named Mavis:
her red hair is made of future and her sleek feet

are wet with dreams. The cat who naps
in the bedroom has his paws in the sun of summer
and his tail in the moonlight of change. You and I

spend years walking up and down the dusty stairs
of the house. Sometimes we stand in the bedroom
and the cat walks towards us like a message.

Sometimes we pick dandelions from the garden
and watch the white heads blow open
in our hands. We are learning to fish in the river

of sorrow; we are undressing for a swim.
from The Owl Question. Utah State University Press, 2002. posted to The Writer's Almanac 3/18/10  

  By making peace with the present moment....That present moment is the field on which the game of life happens. It cannot happen anywhere else.  Once you have made peace with the present moment, see what happens, what you can do or choose to do, or rather what life does through you. There are three words that convey the secret of the art of living, the secret of all success and happiness: One With Life. Being one with life is being one with now. You then realize that you don't live your life, but life lives you. Life is the dancer, and you are the dance.

From: Eckhart Tolle  (A New Earth)

  Keeping Balanced
Wisdom can teach us to separate people’s actions from who they are. We can agree or disagree with their actions, but remain balanced in our relationship with a person. Or we can understand that our own thoughts and impulses are the result of impersonal conditions. By not taking them so personally, we are more likely to stay at ease with their arising.
One of the most powerful ways to use wisdom to facilitate equanimity is to be mindful of when equanimity is absent. Honest awareness of what makes us imbalanced helps us to learn how to find balance. Wisdom can also be an important factor in learning to have an accepting awareness, to be present without the mind or heart contracting or resisting.
- Gil Fronsdal, "A Perfect Balance"


In reality compassion is never willfully produced.  Rather, it flows as a result of a fundamental recognition of Truth, and the embodiment of that recognition.  As Dante said in The Divine Comedy, "Blessedness comes from seeing; not from loving, which comes later."  See, and love flows.  Released from the confines of the imaginary me, it cannot help but flood into the world, for it is the world.


And so my practice is clear: it is to get out of the way of Love.  Seeing no one here, the gate opens for the movement of compassion, and I find no way to resist you, nothing with which to keep out the world.  

The Light That I Am by J.C.Amberchele

chapter: Compassion, pp. 47-8
posted to Wisdom-l by Mark Scorelle

Transforming the World
On the night of the Buddha’s enlightenment, he is said to have understood that everything is completely interconnected and interdependent. Therefore it is impossible for anybody to go on retreat from the world. Everybody knows that when you go on retreat, the whole world, no matter how tiny your retreat cabin, is there, in terms of your experience. And the purpose of retreat is precisely to transform the world.
- Richard Reoch, “The Path of Complete Engagement”

  You are not that, you are aware of that. If you hold to the intuition, the sense "I am", and don't allow this to connect with any other concept; if you just let the "I am" incubate in itself, inmediately joy and space prevails. Spontaneously, there is the silent and intuitive conviction: "I am timeless, unbound being." This is not a teaching, it's a powerful inner experience, inexplicable. Thankfully, you don't have to write a thesis about it. Something it is seen, it's enough. You cannot prove it and you needn't prove it. You don't need to talk about it, or even to share it. Keep quiet.
Remain in the natural inner solitude.

- Extract from Mooji's book "Before I am", page 26. posted to Wisdom-l by Mark Scorelle

Winter at Bogstad, with dog on the run.  by Alan Larus

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