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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #3855, Sunday, April 4, 2010, Editor: Mark

Is not suffering due to the fact that it is forced upon us? Suppose we would do consciously what nature does unconsciously? Suppose we could offer ourselves willingly to be molded and buffeted by life?

We are the offering placed on the altar of the world. If we would sacrifice what we wish most, we would gain a tremendous freedom.

This is what is asked of us, the greatest gift of all, always what we want most, for ourselves, for the inner most of ourselves, our own heart.

It is the acceptance of the unacceptable that is asked of us.

So we are tested. To make evident whether our heart's treasure is earthly or heavenly.

There is no Good Friday without an Easter. No dark night without a dawn, and no oppression without a release, and the sacrifice is followed by an outburst of such momentum that it shakes the very heavens. The veil of the temple is split; there is a tremor on earth.

You are resurrecting every time you overcome yourself.

- Pir Vilayat Kahn

these words, "accept the unacceptable" were a mainstay of my spiritual practice for over thirty years... i did not begin to fathom what they truly meant.. may not even be doing so now.. but taking no action to change anything deemed unacceptable by dear ego, lead to fantastic release of joy! again and again...

and brings old woman the realization that there really is no unacceptable anything. After the fist is opened and whatever "this is how it has to be " is allowed to fall... we cannot help but be in bliss...

no right, no wrong, no acceptable, no unacceptable, all is Paradise. And we are dancing in it together!

Happy Resurrection!

- dg, posted to DailyDharma

And you look around and life wouldn't discern a perfect pine tree from an imperfect one if it had a gun to its head. All it could do is say, "What on earth are you thinking? That's why the most difficult thing anyone does will be to accept their humanity. That's the biggest leap you'll ever make. That's the total acceptance, that doesn't mean you go unconscious and you go, 'Oh, well, what the hell. Just the way I am, neurotic friggin' mess, I treat everyone like shit but God loves me so I don't give a damn.

That's not what I am saying.

I know you would never go there. I'm not worried about that for you but the way the mind goes in these opposites. That's what we have been talking about this morning, going from one opposite to the other to the other. To start to sense that life is not actually rejecting you. It is the greatest solvent to our self-obsession. It's not like it becomes an excuse for your self-obsession. If you really sense it, if you really start to feel it, you realize its the solvent to the self-obsession. When the only thing that's arguing with you is just you, one's mind.

God's not doing it, life's not doing it, existence isn't doing it. This isn't doing it, nothings doing it. Everything is just there as a welcoming. Just a 100% welcoming. Welcome. And if you feel into what I am saying rather than think it and put it into ideas, what comes with it is a certain heightened sense of awareness, of being.

So notice Nature around you. Look at it. Notice that life isn't arguing that it takes this form or that form and that form or that it's different her and there and there. Open your eyes. You don't need a spiritual book, you don't need a lecture. Just open your eyes. What's different between you, me and life. Are we not just another spark of life? Another form? Are we any different than the trees or the blades of grass or the rock you stub your toe on? Or do we just keep thinking that we are? That's what my teacher meant by, "Make friends with yourself."

- Adyashanti, Mount Madonna retreat 2009, Disk 3, posted to adyashantigroup

There is a [Hadith] which says: `Die before death.' A poet says, 'Only he attains to the peace of the Lord who loses himself.' God said to Moses, 'No man shall see me and live.' To see God we must be non-existent.

- Pir-o-Murshid Inayat Khan, posted to Distillation

Self, experienced in the egoless state, is the supreme Reality.

- Ramesh Balsekar, posted to ANetofJewels

Can you?

Can you simply be in this moment without adding anything to it?

Can you stop and rest in this without labelling and naming it, without thinking about it?

Can you see your obviousness?

Can you?

- Mike, from  (Thanks, Keith...)

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