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#3865 - Wednesday, April 14, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights

Dar Óma

         what speeded them on their way?
                 what distances did they travel?
                   the sky was full of falling stars ...
                       You draw down too much light -
                         soon the heavens will all be bare





Dar Óma
I went looking
for You
and found You
in the flight of swallows
in the darkening air

it seemed they wished
to fan the dying sun
to flame 




Dar Óma

look at this full fruit

falling for You every time



this tree

its limbs Yours

oozing sap

its roots


its perfume Yours


lichen clings to bark

hold me


deep deep down You are always there

awaiting my blossoming in You


kirtana of singing leaves                             





Dar Óma
holding Your image before me
on a screen
increasing percentages
until You disintegrate
like some forgotten galaxy
calling You back again
a retrieval
a respite from senseless oblivion

I know that stars are born
only to die
we see the light
of heavenly bodies
long since gone

this also I know:
Your light shines in me
the universe holds no terror




Dar Óma

snake unwinding

from a lightning-blasted tree

I’ve spotted You

why should I flee?

I am already deep in Your eyes


take all of me


let me assist You

here’s my head firmly in Your jaws

do not use Your fangs

to stun me

let me live

this death in You now

inch by slow inch





Dar Óma

I can never forget the yellowhammers

I saw as a child

tiny chicks nesting in a stone wall

such clamour from their throats

such hunger

nearby was a dark Protestant church

it was taboo to enter

God manifested that day in yellow

the colour I see You in now

dust of buttercups

primrose glance

You are the yellowhammer

ensconced in a mossy stone wall

we see each other

from different worlds

for the first time





Dar Óma

I went to my excellent physician

author of Addiction Replacement Therapy

he put me on heroin

and monitored my progress steadily

<is your need for Her

greater than your craving for the drug?>

I nodded, sagely


he put me on LSD

<what do you see?>

<blazing yellow harvest moons

orbiting one another

their beams are peacock feathers

showering on crab-apple trees

in the Isle of the Blest

their taste is dry>

<you don’t see Her at all?>

<who else am I describing?>

the doctor is perplexed

the universe perplexed





These have been selections from Uttering Her Name, by Gabriel Rosenstock. There are over a hundred more poems in the book.

Uttering Her Name consists of spontaneous, ecstatic utterances in what the author calls a neo-bhakti style, that is to say a modern slant on those poems of intense devotion which are still read and sung in India today.

Gabriel is considered the greatest living Irish lyric poet.

For more information about Uttering Her Name, please visit

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