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Highlights #387

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As a former invertebrate gamboller myself
(oh those Elysian ejaculae days)
I can attest to this and would add that
I personally would never trust a guru
who was more interested in my awakening than
in getting into my pants. And I mean that
from the bottom of my chakras. I leave it
to you to discriminate one thing from another
-- as for me I say, "If it feels good -- eat it.
Or at least buy the cassette course."

C Dwa
Outer Fishboink, Republic of Datahaven



and the orgasm ripples out and settles down and now I understand that
the sounds of birds and cars are not separate from the silence they are
within the silence. no number of hearing these words will make this
clear. only the experience will. it's quite nice


I am here in front of this screen. And if I raise
my eyes, I can see that the only place that
we are is here. Although clouded by the poor and
limited sense of our past.

Enlightenment is a personal quest. It is for those
of you there.

You find us here, and look up and you know now it is for

May your enlightenment be for THAT.


HARSHA quotes from the Avadhuta Gita:

"Know the Self always to be everywhere, one and unintercepted.
I am the meditator and the highest object of meditation.
Why do you divide the Indivisible?"


"Some seek nonduality, others duality.
They do not know the Truth, which is the same at all times and
which is devoid of both duality and nonduality."


"The Self certainly does not become pure through the practice
of six-limbed yoga.
It certainly is not purified by the destruction of the mind.
It certainly is not made pure by the instructions of the teacher.
It is Itself the Truth.
It is Itself the illumined One"



Tiger, tiger, burning bright,
in the forests of the night...

Reach out your hand while
I watch you catch time,
or be lit on fire.



What is remembered will never give What is present.
Another's words are another's words.
A rented tuxedo may look fine to some -
but to me, nothing is better than
your own birthday suit.
Naked we are born, and reborn we are twice-naked.


(c) Carlos Dwa 2000:

Honey bees are able to communicate the location of food by means of a dance
known as the mapping dance. After a bee locates food and returns to the
hive he will dance in almost total darkness in the hive for other bees that
are virtually blind (bees having a visual acuity of about 6000/20), after
which the others will unfailingly make a bee line to the new food.

It is also interesting to note that the mapping dances are done in dialect
and most likely change over time. A bee from Europe will react to the
mapping dance of a bee from China but it will not be able to find the food
because the Chinese bee encodes information in their dance differently.

This explains a lot, especially metaphorically, regarding the pursuit of
awakening by means of conceptual mappings derived from exotic places or
times. For the stuff of Consciousness is not informational or conceptual.
It is not derived by means of rearrangement of neural connections or
information. Though it is true that when this physical transformation
occurs, when this enhanced processing of an enriched foodstuff begins, it
will inevitably result in the generation of new information and in the
augmentation of new neural connections but these are the products of this
process, and it could almost he said "the waste products".

It is understandable that people believe that the activities and insights
that precede the realization of this other order of functioning leads to it,
that "this is the way" or "that is the way", that "there are many ways but
one goal" or that "there is only one way." While in fact there are no ways,
and nothing leads to it -- quite simply because nothing is outside of it.
All practices and techniques and methods of meditation or spirituality or
prayer is all just busy work to keep one properly oriented until the
physical reality of this enhanced functioning becomes apparent.

What separates bees from men is the fact that bees can tell when they
haven't found food. This is not necessarily true for men, especially
regarding food of a higher nature. Men are entirely capable of believing
that they have found food when they haven't. In fact men can believe that
the mapping dance itself is the food.

Humans are strange creatures.
Their greatest strength is also
their greatest weakness.

Sig Wacca Jix, On Things Human

as recapitulated by Carlos Dwa
(c) Carlos Dwa 2000


MANUEL quotes

"Silence doesn't mean not talking. Silence is silence of the mind. Silence
is absence of questions, absence of thinking, true meditation."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"When the inquiring mind, intellectually creating problems, gradually comes
to the understanding that the more problems it creates the more veils it
creates between the Self and the understanding, then there is silence."


(c) Carlos Dwa 2000:

Seeing it all before
keeps you from seeing.

If you've seen it all before
you don't see anything.

What you don't know
is more important
than what you do know.

What you don't know
is the greater part of
what you know.

What you don't know
that you know
is known
by the greater you


More from CARLOS:

Once a most sincere, which is to say totally deluded,
seeker of enlightenment approached his master and said,
"We have been beating around the bush for decades now.
What you please just this once just come right out and tell me,
what is the nature of human consciousness?"

Now the master had the previous evening, through no fault of his own,
been up late drinking and dancing and fucking far too much for a man of his
age and above and beyond all this had eaten too much pizza with various
toppings that are only put on top of pizza in regions which really have no
understanding of pizza. Because of all this, or perhaps not, he turned to
the no longer young aspirant and said,

"It's like water with a 9 on it
and it longs for the future."

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