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#3883 - Wednesday, May 5, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz 

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 The Lost Satsang - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj 

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Excerpts from Nisargadatta's Lost Satsang: 

The whole manifestation of this world is an expression of the same Consciousness that you are. 

You should not love anything other than your true nature, Consciousness. Deep desires, deep expectations: How can that be love? 

Your body identity is attracted to objects. It creates desires and you treat them as high priorities. Understanding yourself should be your only priority. 

Your body desires will lead you nowhere.  

~ ~ ~ 

If you don't understand the "I Am" how can you understand the rest? 

~ ~ ~ 

To abide in consciousness is the true religion. The human brain creates religions. 

~ ~ ~ 

Consciousness has to appear in this form, so this form can recognize Consciousness. 

~ ~ ~ 

How can words explain that from which words originate? 

~ ~ ~ 

Everything depends upon your form, but you are formless. 

~ ~ ~ 

Don't ask me practical questions. I cannot relate to them. I never talk to the body identity level. Stay in the "I am". That's all there is to do. 

~ ~ ~ 

Without food there is death and the idea "I am" vanishes. Consciousness is beyond any idea. 

You can only watch events happen. You can't use Consciousness to do or undo anything. 

~ ~ ~ 

Your body identity is like a very tight screw. Your idea of being an individual, is a screw. You must loosen it up. Let go of your personal identity and the screw will open as much as needed. 

You are full of concepts. Just do as I say. 

~ ~ ~ 

If you wish to use your intellect dwell on your nine months in the womb. What is in the womb is not different from what is happening now. 

~ ~ ~ 

Anything that can show you what you are is actually pointing out what you are not. 

~ ~ ~

 Questions only exist as long as you think you are the body and the individual. 

~ ~ ~ 

What I am saying is very simple.  

You listen to me or you can go. 

~ ~ ~ 

Grasp the knowingness principle and move ahead in life. Like a swimmer caught in a vortex has to dive to the bottom of the river, then has to swim to the surface, outside of the vortex, and only then he is free. 

~ ~ ~ 

We live like worms in hot sand, always needing help, but I am not a worm. I am the manifested and the unmanifested. 

~ ~ ~ 

Before death comes it is necessary to follow a Sage or a Guru. 

~ ~ ~ 

My Guru's Guru clapped while his vital breath was leaving his body. Will you? 


The Lost Satsang - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj 

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