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#3885 - Friday, May 7, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights -    

News of people, plans, and programs.   

Vedanta – The Vision of Non-Duality
Five Day Campout in the Portland Area
9th – 13th July 2010  

James Swartz aka Ram will give a laid back five day retreat in the Portland area. He will unfold the classic Vedanta text Atma Bodh (Self Knowledge). This informal retreat will involve two daily talks and satsang on demand. Attendees are responsible for their own sleeping arrangements, cooking and campsite fees. There will be no charge for the teaching, but donations will not be refused. The venue will be close enough to Portland to allow those who are not comfortable tent camping to stay in nearby motels. The morning talk will start at 10:00 am which will allow those staying outside to comfortably have breakfast and get to the campsite in time. The evening talk will end early enough to permit those staying outside to return to their motels at a reasonable hour. It is important that you express interest as soon as possible so we will know how many campsites to reserve. For more information contact Lida at [email protected]    

This is a very nicely designed website by Jason Sawicki, from whom I'm sure we'll be hearing more:

The Institute of Spiritual Awakening  

In brief, the Institute was formed out of an overwhelming passion to serve all of humanity in the realization of the true Self. Unlike traditional Institutes, the ISA is not one of learning, but of deconstructing ... of unbecoming. Spiritual seekers are presented with teachings from both classical and contemporary non dual teachers, along with the exploration of leading science in physics and cosmology, in a one to one or group satsang format. There is no price for any of the teachings, in line with the purpose of reaching as many people in the world as possible. The Institute will be continually looking for those whose realization leads them toward teaching, enabling the Institute to naturally branch out. In the future, the ISA will also be looking to sponsor many leading conferences and leveraging the power of the media in film to nurture the growing awakening that is unfolding.

Robert Wolfe is interviewed on his website  

During Robert's travels he has labored as an auto assembly line worker in Detroit, as a carnival worker, a journalist in New York City, on a farm of a Zen community in California, as a landscaper, a financial consultant, a janitor. After living in the Mendocino area for about twenty years he bought a camper van and moved onto a property in a redwoods forest where he studied the inner life intensely. Something fell into place there after a number of years, and out of that period of solitude, Robert began writing and sharing his observations on the reality that surrounds and includes us. Shortly thereafter, Robert moved to Ojai, California where he continues to live and write.

A magazine interview from 2004 is extracted below. The monograph
'The Absolute Enigma' from Living Nonduality also contains biographical details.  

New Spirit: You've been running a classified listing, under Classes, that is brief and somewhat unusual: "One-on-one discussion... non-duality explored". What can you tell me?

RW: I was baptized at 13, and an atheist by age 20 - due to the hypocrisy I saw in religion. But by age 30, I became interested in Zen, to discover spiritual truth directly. But I then put all that aside, to focus on my marriage and career - both of which ended in dissatisfaction. So, I returned to my earlier questions with a resolve to answer them fully. This took three years, and much solitude and contemplation. But, about 15 years ago, a sudden and thorough transformative awakening occurred. Since then, my only real interest has been to assist others to discover for themselves their true essence.

NS: From the standpoint of Zen?

RW: From the standpoint of any and all direct spiritual traditions. I've had enough time to become conversant with what is effective among the teachings, both historic and contemporary; particularly the message of advaita, which means "not two". Nonduality is at the root of Hindu, Buddhist, Tao, even Christian spirituality. All point the seeker to ultimate truth, once one has unraveled the mystery in what is being said.

NS: What part do you play?

RW: Minimal. I had no teacher, so I can attest that one is not necessary. What one has to confront is the divisive, dualistic nature of our very thought process. All that a teacher can do is challenge your false perceptions until you recognize for yourself their deceptiveness. That profound "Aha!" can arrive in as little as a half hour, for a person with an open mind.

NS: You discuss these matters on an individual basis?

RW: Over the years, I've experimented with various approaches. I've found the most fruitful to be a direct dialogue; sometimes this is done by phone, or even by correspondence, such as with a prison inmate.

NS: And fruitfully?

RW: A trail marker can only point the way; not everyone is interested in departing the highway. To awaken to your true essence is likely to fundamentally change your life. Even the prospect of this evokes paralysis in many people. But, thanks to New Spirit, I've been able to be of assistance to men and women from Goleta to Santa Ana.

NS: According to your listing, at "no cost".

RW: I'm retired. My only interest is in sharing the wonder of the discovery that it has been my fortune to partake of.

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