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Nonduality Salon (/\)

Highlights #390

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I went through a 6 month investigation of other dimensions,
looking for stuff that wasn't physical, through lucid dreaming.
In one dream, I separated from myself and began talking to myself.
Then I moved out of myself and into my other self. I was still talking
to me, but I was somewhere completely different. I was so mystified
by this new place that I forgot about my "other me". Looking out
the window, it was another world. I looked at my hands, and they were
still there, as solid and as firm as anything. I heard a voice, like it
was far in the background, telling me "don't go". I wasn't really listening,
it said "you don't know this world, don't go, there's no way back".

I looked around and saw my other me. "This is, my world" it said. "If you
stay you we lose everything, there's no way out", this will be your new

I thought about it, it seemed nice here, calm, I could hardly remember
my "real" world. I almost didn't go back, but the other me started to fade,
without thinking I jumped into him and woke up.

Well, all that reminds me a little of "this reality", here on Earth.

Self created all this, all the details all the hardship and pain
ego itself, and just chucked Himself into it until He found his way back.
A journey of a lifetime, that never happened. It's essence IS compassion,
as goodness and peace in pure "being" is the only way out.
The beauty of all of this is not so much that nothing
is real, because that "not so real stuff" is apt to break
your nose if you walk into it; it's that its creation was
a very compassionate "act" a very intense puzzle that creates
knowledge as experience (for Self, right to an infinity of
individual levels, one of them yours!). The rules are very strict,
haven't you noticed that it is not intended to be passed along
by word of mouth alone.

You are awakening, to Self. Like awakening from a deep sleep
there's a period of transition as you come to the greater

Keep on truckin' man. The ego burns to a cinder, in the fire
of compassion, cleansed of all things.

Everyone I meet is a manifestation of the I AM.
Darnit I used to have it all figured out....



Peace - Compassion - Michael



M: So tell me...what is "experience"

D: Experience is what's left
after the wishing, hoping,
and fearing are gone...

M: You mean wishing, hoping,
and fearing is "not" part of
the experience?

D: Well, Michael, they're ideas and
what is an idea?

Allow me to explain
(not that anything is

An idea is a reference to
experience that really
"has" no experience
of its own.
It's a construction based
on memory and association.
It's a composite structure
that *seems* to have an
experience to it.
So intriguing to look into this:
there is no such thing as
conceptual experience,
only the belief that there could
be conceptual experience,
and assorted reactions by which
we convince ourselves
that hopes, wishes, and fears
*are* experiences.

Don't you love it?
We're convincing ourselves
by our own reactions
that there must be reality
to the idea to which we're
We react *as if* there's
experience there.

So, watch wishes, hopes, and
anxieties vanish ... they're
based nowhere on nothing...

But, even when you're left with
"nonconceptual experience" as is,
the "experience that is presence"
is that *reality itself*? Or
is this the last remaining unreal
distinction, a contrast
between experience and nonexperience
that has no basis?

And when you no longer have
a possible distinction between
"experience as is" and
"nonexperience that isn't"

Experience and nonexperience
vanish ...
(No, you can't take my "experience",
I depend on it, that's reality
isn't it? "this experience"...!?)

And as it vanishes...
what's left? ....

... ??? ...
What's left is no thing.

What's left is being.

What's left is presence.

What's left is memory.

What's left is emotion.

What's left is feeling.

What's left is nothing but a memory,
a concept, an idea of what was experienced,
and the desire to do it again or avoid it like the

Consciousness...presence...can dissolve the
illusion created by past experiences which appear
real and feel real...yet they are just concepts that
my mind has placed on the present experience
based on the attitude taken in a previous experience.

Thanks for the light Dan,

Reality is what is before, during and after experience vanishes.

Reality is the isness of life.

Experience is the life situation we are in.

Experience is the drama of life.

Reality is the witness.

Experience is the movie.

Reality is the seer.

Experience is an illusion.

Reality is real.


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