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#3903 - Tuesday, May 25, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

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I'm pleased to announce a new e-book from Nonduality Publications.  



18 SlamSatS


Zil Chezero

The Mule

176 pages. $8.00
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Excerpt from...

"Dear guys and girls,"

We are about to engage in a series of what this mule Zil calls 'SlamSatS'. Although that which we are pursuing has no form and is older than the world, older than time in fact, the way we will be pursuing it does have a form, and it may strike some as 'new'. It isn't, it is just a variation on the ancient 'neti-neti' - not this, not that - approach, be it using a modern vocabulary and expanding itself to persons, enlightened beings and everything else you might hold holy.

Remember as we go on: if you take something personally, look at what it is in you that takes it personally, because it will be something that still thinks it's a person. Mind you, even mules in full view can get insulted. But that would be on topics like their car or their wife. On matters concerning realization they cannot be insulted, because their certainty is not on that level. If, concerning realization, any feelings of hurt or insult might come up in them anyhow, both the insult and the insulter for them will be the source of deep gratitude, because it means something lit up that subsequently was destroyed by the mere fact it was in full view.


~ ~ ~

Excerpt from...

Separation and Oneness

1 (20) Sometimes I get a long period of oneness, but then it's followed by a feeling of separation. How does this happen?

2 Separation is a thought, do you see that, 20?

3 No Zil, actually I don't. I mean, it's not something I invent, it's something I perceive, like I perceive this room… and what you say...

4 That's what you think, but it is not true. There's this oneness, everything is fine and warm and whatever - and then all of a sudden: 'separation'…

5 Yes, that's what happens.

6 Or so it seems. What's the crux of oneness?

7 Well, absence of separation - or is that just being silly?

8 No, it's extremely well put in fact. There's no separation in oneness. So can oneness recognize separation, does separation have any meaning to oneness?

9 No, that doesn't seem possible...

10 It isn't. So what can recognize separation, something that doesn't know about it or something that already knows?

11 The second one, I guess.

12 Right you are again. In order to recognize separation, there first has to arise something in which the seed of
separation is already present. Which is you, small you, mule. There has to be the belief in an entity that is separated already and only when that has formed, the experience 'separation' can arise. Which means that 'separation' is a belief, a thought of this entity - which in its turn consists of a belief called 'experience'. Thus, separation is a thought of an experience. A belief within a belief.

13 But it doesn't feel like a thought, and on the face of it it doesn't feel like ego either!

14 You can see that it must be there first, can't you?

15 I would have to admit that's the only answer.

16 So mule is there already, only it has not been recognized as such yet. A moment later it takes the shape of separation and then your good mood is ruined. Do you know how it is possible for mule to already exist in that oneness you talk about?

17 I think I'm scared to find out.

18 You'd better, because it will hurt. It is possible for mule, because the oneness you experience is mule too. It's an experience, an experience of oneness. That should have made your alarm go off. Every experience is mule, baby.

19 Damn. So there is no oneness?

20 Yes there is, but never as an experience. Realization does not belong to a level, experience does. Experienced oneness may be a side effect of the realization of oneness, but that does not mean experienced oneness is the same as realization. It's a common mistake of enlightened mules to forget that. And as a result getting attached to this great oneness-experience. Like you are. Separation is a thought, oneness an experience. Both come up. Accept that they do, accept that their appearance does not matter at all. Then you won't be fooled by them.

21 But… if the experience of oneness isn't the oneness itself, what's the point of being realized?

22 None at all for mule. None at all for oneness either, because oneness cannot become more one by realization. The realization that you want, the goodies that you expect - they are all part of muleworld. And muleworld will never become one, because it only exists by the grace of separation. Seeming separation, because all is one and will remain so no matter if you realize that or not. That's why I say nothing changes with realization. There's only experience, and experience does not exist...


18 SlamSatS


Zil Chezero

The Mule

176 pages. $8.00
Purchase by PayPal and download now:

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