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#3932 - Thursday, June 24, 2010 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights


Find Refuge in Your Own Life

Buddhist practice is not about forcing ourselves to be natural. It is about being ourselves. When we take the vows of refuge, we are also pledging to find the refuge that exists within our own lives. This taking of refuge is not some kind of evasion or escape, but is the planting of our "selves" deeply in the nature of what surrounds us. We lodge ourselves in the deep waves and in the shallow pools, in the crests and depressions of our lives. Sometimes, even wreckage can make a temporary resting place. A person whose life is in tatters might have nothing much else left to do but relax and look at the pieces of what's left.

-Gary Thorp, "Shelter from the Storm" (Summer 2005)

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New Video Unfolding Atmananda Krishna Menon's Teachings

Atmananda Krishna MenonStillnessSpeaks announces the release of a new 2 DVD set, The Direct Path of Shri Atmananda Menon, a real time, step by step unfolding of the Atmananda Krishna Menon's teachings with Greg Goode.

Click here to watch two clips from this comprehensive explanation of the work of Krishna Menon.




Most are familiar with the stellar Marathi translation work of Maurice Frydman on Nisargadatta Maharaj through his primary work, "I am That". Some also are familiar with the translation work of Jean Dunn, who edited "Seeds of Consciousness", "Consciousness and the Absolute" and others. Stephen Wolinsky also has a masterful collection of book and videos heralding the Indian Sage.robert powell

Another author who made great contributions translating Nisargadatta was Dr Robert Powell. penning the trio of classics  "The Ultimate Medicine', "The Nectar Of Immortality" and "The Experience of Nothingness."

At 92, this quiet, humble legend still resides in California.

Click here to obtain the free, precious and complete e-books of The Nectar of Immortality and The Ultimate Medicine by Robert Powell.






photo by Alan Larus





  Everything is plundered, betrayed, sold,
Death's great black wing scrapes the air,
Misery gnaws to the bone.
Why then do we not despair?

By day, from the surrounding woods,
cherries blow summer into town;
at night the deep transparent skies
glitter with new galaxies.

And the miraculous comes so close
to the ruined, dirty houses --
something not known to anyone at all,
but wild in our breast for centuries.
~ Anna Akhmatova ~    

(Poems of Akhmatova, edited and translated by Stanley Kunitz with Max Hayward)        


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