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#3940 - Friday, July 2, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights - 

The July 2010 issue of Amigo is available at

It features an extract from Dutch Treat: 18 SlamSatS, by Zil Chezero. This issue features part of that article in Amigo.

Dutch Treat is an e-book published by Nonduality Publications, a part of The Nonduality Highlights and world.



Mule launched 

The story of me and Zil Chezero 


By Robbert Bloemendaal 

Published in the new issue of the internet magazine ‘Amigo’ 

Fragments of the article: 


This is going to be a rather strange story. It kicks off with a deal with Zil: I’m only allowed to talk about myself, not about any other person for whom I work or have worked . So I’m not going to elaborate on the how and where I met Deirdre Delder. Suffice it to say, she has written a story about her encounter with a phenomenon that calls itself Zil Chezero. In her account she points out how her encounter led to four sessions encompassing a total of eighteen ‘SlamSatS’, which is the name Zil Chezero has given to a mixture of ‘slamming’ and ‘Satsangs’. Quite appropriate, as I have been able to establish. 


To convey some of my enthusiasm about Zil’s view on matter, I want to start with a short sketch of his approach. Part of it is the way which Zil sees himself. I am not allowed to talk about Zil, but naturally I may cite him where he talks about himself in the book. Right at the beginning, Zil presents himself as a ‘mule’. 

(Questioner) So, you are a mule? 

(Zil) No, Zil is. I’m awareness before it becomes aware of itself as such. As soon as that happens, it turns into a mule. Called Zil Chezero. 


Zil is merciless to egos, the recordings make clear. But in the meanwhile I have found out that these eighteen SlamSatS time and again prove to address matters that are crucial for ‘neti-neti’ in all its appearances. What is more, I cannot remember when I did not think ‘hey, this too he has smashed to pieces’. Because that is the enlightening part – to misuse this phrase here - of his approach: he really tears down everything and you even comprehend why it can’t be any different than that. And slowly but surely I also connected with the enormous love that is behind all of that. Considering his style, this is not obvious. 


Maybe that is the crux of Zil’s approach: he does not sell you any hope. But travelling through the SlamSatS, this seems less and less necessary. To illustrate this: 

(Questioner) What game are we playing here? 

(Zil) We play the ‘kick ass by mule’ game. Here’s a mule in full view that can see the totally hopeless situation it’s in concerning this game. Hopeless in the sense of not being able to convey any real working wisdom to another mule here, just because it’s totally impossible to change anything about the total mulishness of both mules – all mules - and the world they live in. It’s this hopelessness I’m enforcing on you. 

But… what’s the sense of it? 

The sense is that is has no sense! Sense is for mules, realization is not. How does that make you feel, mulewise? 

Well, hopeless... 


Concerning Satsangs that are written out, it hits me that on the moment supreme the questioner either understands it no more, or starts talking about something else completely, or is interrupted by another questioner… All understandable, but fatal reactions by egos that get a hard time. The results are endless half-hearted conversations with a tiny pearl on every five pages, which we have had to swallow in countless books over the years. Perhaps it is the frontal approach by Zil that makes escape impossible, maybe it’s the atmosphere of total surrender with the (small) group of people that chose to talk with him, maybe both. In any case the SlamSatS go on where the majority steadily lets go. For me this has been an important reason to let the SlamSatS land in a book. 


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