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#3977 - Monday, August 9, 2010 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -    

“Truth is within ourselves; it takes no rise

From outward things, whate’er you may believe.

There is an inmost centre in us all,

Where truth abides in fulness;

[...] and to KNOW

Rather consists in opening out a way

Whence the imprisoned splendour may escape,

Than in effecting entry for a light

Supposed to be without.”

From “Paracelsus” by Robert Browning

  Maren Springsteen chose lines from Browning's poem for the introduction to her own book of poetry. And rightly so, for indeed her poems are shining with light. Maren speaks from a knowing heart, one informed by her own encounter with those dark nights of the soul. What emerges is a voice you can trust, singing in surrender to the truth of a deep love found at the heart of all that is.  ~Gloria     More of her poems may be read on her website, and she plans to make an ebook available there soon.   Websites: blog


"In the end, the kingdom certain is finished and at hand and spirit
untouched by time and space, all came together again as one
divine fabric that had gracefully never been subject to change in
the first place and ‘as in Heaven, so on Earth’ was felt and seen
to not be an empty promise despite all human pictures often
pointing to the contrary." ~Maren


Postscript – Being is Seeing

“The need is for one to be aware that he IS the SELF or

perfect Being, and that there is nothing in or of him that

can be anything else.”

--Lillian de Waters, Mystic


"I love this quote, as it is such a lucid pointer to our Reality as
Undimensional, Infinite Essence, as well as a pointer to a valid
practice for those times when one doesn’t intimately feel and
know Truth and illusion feels more prevalent and ‘real’...."




A house divided in itself cannot stand.

I felt the Truth, yet spoke of illusion,

falling back into dream,

pretending I could be suggested to of 'otherness,'

when all along

Spun Gold's Immanence

functions flawlessly.

Perfection never challenges itself,

so why would I?

By listening to the serpent,

I veiled myself in Ignorance,

traded in my Identity for nothingness

that could never become Substance.

STOP to these foolish games played by no-one!

Spun Gold it was all along,

all of it, this body, mistaken as an obstacle to Peace,

these politics, countries, people, weather, food,

oh, how many times did the serpent's whisper appear as

these innocent images

that yearn to be truly recognized again,

longing to serve only THAT

that they, too, can't but BE.

Faint memories of being the Master weaver reappear.

Fierce, loyal, strong and fearless do I stand Alone-Once.

Gently, tenderly allowing All to be Itself again.

The shining sea of Spun Gold collapses

and only total Openness remains,

non-definable, ungraspable


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