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#3978 - Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights -      

Nonduality Street aired today on CKDU radio in Halifax. My guest was Dr. Kathleen Kevany, Assistant Professor of Adult Education at St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. She talked about the application of nonduality in her work and life.  

On Nonduality Street I want to expose nonduality in all endeavors and by exposing it, reveal the deeper truth of all human endeavors. If you would like to appear on Nonduality Street and talk about how nonduality plays out in your work and life, reply to this email and we'll set something up. There are several ways of getting your voice onto the show.  

Listen to my talk with Kathleen Kevany:      

Nova Scotia poet/musician/songwriter Tanya Davis (not the U.K. poet with the same name who is in the nonduality community) has written a poem made into a film by Andrea Dorfman. It is currently going viral with over 700,000 views.   How To Be Alone    


Hakuin’s Song of Freedom


For such as, reflecting within themselves,

          Testify to the truth of Self-nature,

          To the truth that Self-nature is no-nature,

Upon enquiring ‘who am I’ one discovers that no separate individual exists, anatta.

Or on investigating awareness one discovers that one is this (universal) awareness.

          They have really gone beyond the ken of sophistry,

          For them opens the gate of oneness of cause and effect,

They have gone beyond conceptual knowledge, and discovered that cause and effect both appear in, exist in, and return to awareness, the universal subject.

          And straight runs the path of non-duality and non-trinity,

          Abiding with the not-particular which is in particulars,

Within this discovery there is no duality, as everything is seen to be just a movement, which arises in, exists in, and subsides back into awareness (consciousness at rest). This is the not-particular which is the substratum in which all ‘ particulars’, impermanent objects, exist.

          Whether going or returning, they remain for ever unmoved;

          Taking hold of the no-thought which lies in thoughts,

Remaining identified as awareness, in which all thoughts come and go, they are unaffected by external circumstances.

          In every act of theirs they hear the voice of truth,

          How boundless the sky of Samadhi unfettered!

They live in a state of Sahaj Samadhi, natural spontaneity, in which every act comes from awareness itself.

          How transparent the perfect moonlight of the Fourfold Wisdom!

          At that moment what do they lack?

There is full realisation of the ‘four noble truths’: there is suffering; suffering is a result of craving caused by spiritual ignorance; there is a way of overcoming this craving; this is by realizing the truth of anatta, no self, and annica, impermanence. In this realization each moment is enough, or perfect, in itself.

          As the Truth eternally calm reveals itself to them,

          This very earth is the Lotus Land of Purity,

          And this body is the body of the Buddha.

As one lives in this revelation of the Truth, that one is pure awareness, which is ever still and at peace, then this very existence becomes ‘heaven on earth’; and this very body is known to be the instrument of awareness itself.


This realization of the deeper level of ‘pure awareness’ is easily achieved by direct investigation of one’s moment-to-moment experience. Beyond the Separate Self  aims to provide a simple and straightforward framework for this investigation to take place.



          Beyond the 'Separate Self'

The End of Anxiety and Mental Suffering

A Simple Guide to Awakening

Based on the Meditations, Contemplations, and Experiences
of Forty Years of Spiritual Search and Practice
by Colin Drake 

Enjoyed Colin Drake's new book. Clear, unpretentious and honest.   -Tim Rowe

I bought Colin Drake’s book off the internet . He has to be congratulated on the most clear and succinct book on the subject that I have read. He has managed to distil the essence. A must read for beginners and for seasoned travellers. -Garry Booth

Colin has a passionate love affair with Truth. This has culminated in him writing, simply and clearly, what has been revealed to him. His writings are an invitation to those with a similar interest, to explore and discover for themselves. Enjoy. -Isaac Shapiro

This book may be sampled and downloaded at

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