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Highlights #398

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There is a lovely guided meditation, spoken by Ram Dass on
a CD called The Chord of Love (Ram Dass and Amazing Grace -
it's easy to find if you want to hear it.) I'd like to
share the meditation with you:

Now, just getting comfortable,
Being with what is...
Not pushing or pulling
Not trying to stop, or change
Rest your weary mind
Just be with what is

Perhaps imagine the ocean
A vast ocean of awareness
Rest in the depths of the ocean

At the surface of the ocean,
Waves arise
Waves of thought
Of sensation
Of feeling
Waves of phenomenon after phenomenon
And then dissolving back into the ocean of which they are a
Your awareness
Waves arising,
Falling back into the ocean
Your awareness embraces all phenomena

Surrounding you
Images appearing in concentric circles
Spreading out as far as the mind can imagine
In every direction
These concentric circles composed of beings
Of ALL beings
Of beings now and then
Of beings here and there
Of beings on this plane of awareness
And on many other planes as well
Beings that are human
Beings of all species
Beings like the planet Earth

In this phantasmagoric image of all beings
Arises the awareness of the suffering inherent in these
Suffering that is connected with being in form
Suffering that is the result
Of the clinging of mind

>From the center of your chest,
Breathing out
Send forth to these beings
And love
Touch each being with your heart

May all beings everywhere
Be free from suffering
May all beings everywhere
Be peaceful
May all beings everywhere
Be happy
May all beings everywhere
Be free



Cosmic body,
body of man,
of lightning and muck be thee struck:

Inner vistas of unrealized dominions,
Flash hormones of nanosecond halflife,
The cascading cresendo of neuropetide
that spawn the emergent gods.
So magnificant be they--
to deny their common origins
in the metabolic substrate.

All things physical
All things miraculous

Only existrance exists.

Even your most etherial yearning
can be weighed upon the glistening scales
of my upright serpent.

The denied gods of you genome
rise up to mock you.
They will withhold forever
the substance of your genius -

As you persist in taking the true miracle
for illusion
and infertile supremacist conceptions
for the gates of being.

Where lie your encoded sagas?
Where your Oda?
Your wandering poet sorcerer
who seeks the flashing firmament
in the enigmatic daemon
his own flesh.

Enlivening, this fear,
admixture of expansion.
Hold high the graven cauldron
of the quaking
breaking symmetry.

The runes undulate upon your cortex
splaying patterns of perception
into nor forgotten realms.

The Book About the Unwritten Book 3:07:09


Look at me, a collection of atoms, taken from the
Atoms bonded into me, through unknown processes.
Welded together to a grand design.
Look at myself.

Look at this, a simple cup, hardened clay, made by
Liquid heated by distant lifeforms turned to gas.
Cup and liquid made by atoms, just like mine.
Taken from the stars, as I was.

So cup, and liquid, and heat, and me are the same,
No different, yet I feel different therefore I am, am
I not?
Am I not? But we are the same.
So I feel different, yet am not.

Are we not the same?



TONY: Look at me, a collection of atoms, taken from the
stars. Atoms bonded into me, through unknown processes.
Welded together to a grand design.

DAVE: Almost like a web of energy. An electron that's in
your arm now, may be in the chair an instant later.
Electrons themselves made up of smaller particles (called
particles, actually, I wouldn't really count on it.. makes
for easier conceptualization). Finally it seems that
everything reduces to pure energy.

TONY: Look at myself.

DAVE: Incredible isn't it? That this "cloud" of energy has
intelligence, that it can perceive of it's own existence.
Have you actually "seen" the fullness, almost impossibility
of that perception.

Where is that perception "projected to", or where does it
"register"? In the brain? Which is finally just a part of
the web of energy?

Intelligent energy! Make one think. Perception in part of
the "cloud". Perception in various parts of the cloud. A
greater cloud with a collective consciousness.

TONY: Look at this, a simple cup, hardened clay, made by
fire. Liquid heated by distant lifeforms turned to gas. Cup
and liquid made by atoms, just like mine. Taken from the
stars, as I was.

DAVE: What is cup, fire, gas, even atoms? From where did
the stars arise? What were these things, before the stars,
before the gasses. Where did all the individual
"perceptions" come from? Before the stars, what was there?
The nanosecond before the big bang, what was there?

TONY: So cup, and liquid, and heat, and me are the same,
identical No different, yet I feel different therefore I
am, am I not? Am I not? But we are the same. So I feel
different, yet am not.

Are we not the same?

DAVE: Some say, that we are the same. Pure conscient energy
that made all this. An infinite twist of timespace. All of
this an exquisit image in a dimensionless non existant
space, pure existance.

You are not what you think you are. But that's not at all



Hello all dears:

How the heck are you all? i sure have missed you. Hope you
have been taking care of your precious selves.

Am hoping to be at Gathering to meet a lot of you, if ole
bones and ole Bessie (oh's 78 Dodge SW) will make it!!

i been gettin in a lot of trouble so everything fine here
at pile! hoho!

much love to alL


Chief Seattle and old woman used to sit on garbage pile,
drink Freedom Tea a lot....ah yes, i remember it well. ,^))
Here is something he said one July 4th:

"Every part of all this soil is sacred to my people. Every
hillside, every valley, every plain and grove has been
hallowed by some sad or happy event in days long vanished.
The very dust you now stand on responds more willingly to
their footsteps than to yours, because it is rich with the
blood of our ancestors and our bare feet are conscious of
the sympathetic touch.

"Even the little children who lived here and rejoiced here
for a brief season love these somber solitudes, and at
eventide they greet shadowy returning spirits.

"And when the last red man shall have perished, and the
memory of my tribe shall have become a myth among the white
men, these shores will swarm with the invisible dead of my
tribe and when our children's children think themselves
alone in the field, the store, the shop, upon the highway,
or in the silence of the pathless woods, they will not be
alone. All night when the streets of your cities and
villages are silent and you think them deserted, they will
throng with the returning hosts that once filled and still
love this beautiful land.

"The white man will never be alone.

"Let him be just and deal kindly with my people, for the
dead are not powerless. Dead, did I say? There is no death,
only a change of worlds."


Strange game, this list... I don't recall seeing anyone win
yet. (oh, come on, Mark - We're all winners if we love the
game...) Duality arises so that games may be played. Hide
and seek, what fun! Damn, I had a God just a minute ago...
Politics, genocide, environmental destruction - just games.
You gotta lose if you want to win! Put your money on the
table, cause if it doesn't flow, it gets stuck. As Hugh
Romney says, "If you don't have a sense of humor, it's just
not funny."



Enlightenment is not always a serious matter, as Mark and
others humorously offer. There is no one "teaching" except
the one you choose of your own accord. Self-improvement is
valid when it leads you to...actually most everybody on the
list could do well with self-improvement instead of
pretending they are enlightened or that they even know what
that is.

So welcome to the list, have fun, and get as much as you
can out of it. It won't be long before your as confused as
the rest of us. :-)



I say nothing gets obliterated. Nothing goes away.
Perspective shifts and what was foreground becomes
background. It gets seen for what it really was all along.
Energy, fuel but not who you really are. If you think that
something gets obliterated you are still "in it". :-)



A couple had two little boys, ages 6 and 8, who were
excessively mischievous. The two were always getting into
trouble and their parents could be assured that if any
mischief occurred in their town their two young sons were
in some way involved.

The parents were at their wits end as to what to do about
their sons' behavior. The mother had heard that a clergyman
in town had been successful in disciplining children in the
past, so she asked her husband if he thought they should
send the boys to speak with the clergyman. The husband
said, "We might as well. We need to do something before I
really lose my temper!"

The clergyman agreed to speak with the boys, but asked to
see them individually. The 6-year-old went to meet with him
first. The clergyman sat the boy down and asked him
sternly, "Where is God?" The boy made no response, so the
clergyman repeated the question in an even more stern tone,
"Where is God?" Again the boy made no attempt to answer, so
the clergyman raised his voice even more and shook his
finger in the boy's face, "Where is God?" At that the boy
bolted from the room and ran directly home, slamming
himself in his closet. His older brother followed him into
the closet and said, "What happened?"

The younger brother replied, "We are in BIG trouble this
time. God is missing and they think we did it!"

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