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#4007 - Wednesday, September 8, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights -  

Who am I?

It is okay to have fun with this august phrase. It’s older than dirt. If
I tell you I don’t know who I am, what is the worst thing that can
happen? I could be put into advaita jail and not allowed to pass Go. I
could become stuck in the angelic realm like fly paper and made to
endure countless past-life regressions. Innumerable wombs have held me
and an equal number of tombs. Rock on.

The borders of the summerlands are crammed with astral tourists this
time of year. The karmic vortex has called their name but they, like me,
don’t know who they are.  How in heaven’s name are they gonna book a
room in Sedona? Since there is no doer and nobody there, who is all the
tofu for? The flag is blowing; the wind is blowing; the mind is moving.
Who knows what is happening within the heart of it all?

Chopping wood and carrying water for the khumba mela of the
unenlightened can be tiring work. Sit down, take a load off.  Your
headless head is nodding with sleep. And stop chewing those caramels if
you have bad dental karma like I do. There is a coin-operated karma
laundry down the street where you can get yourself purified while
reading all of the latest rags on awakening. Who is and who isn’t and
who has gone off on a power trip taking countless students with them.

If you like coffee enemas with your purgation, drop by Starbutts.
Shirley Maclaine is a regular. You can also get liposuction for your
buddha-like thighs and drink green tea until it runs out your nose.  You
may not be perfectly ripe, but you are sure getting smelly in those
tie-dyed T’s. I’m just sayin’....

Vicki Woodyard

Nurturing The Now,

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