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#4015 - Thursday, September 16, 2010 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -        

LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT; That’s How The Light Gets In, is here.  I am
deeply pleased about finally bringing it into manifestation. It has
gotten good reviews so far.

Scott Kiloby, Author of Reflections of the One Life, Love's Quiet
Revolution, and Living Realization
,  says: “This is good reading.  It
made me smile and laugh.  The words are drenched with love and a sense
of  humor along with reverence and awe for the mystery of life.  I
recommend  this book!"

Greg Goode, author of Standing As Awareness, says:  "A close-to-the-bone
book about love, death, loss, Heartbreakingly honest, brave
and inspiring!"

John LeKay,, says “ LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT is a
must read for anyone interested in conscious suffering...written with
brutal unflinching honesty, wit and wisdom and in the spirit of divine
grace. This is the story of a brave woman’s journey of finding oneness
in her own quiet inner voice.”

Word of mouth helps sell books and I am a tiny drop in the ocean of
published books. If you can give my link to a friend, buy more than one
copy, or if you have any other ideas to help me sell it, let me know. My
little book will need some help in finding its way into the hands of
those who will cherish it.

If you would like to order a copy of LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT, please go
to (click link below) That is the page that displays my
book and how to order it.

 And bless you for believing in me.

Free Excerpt From The Book (requires Adobe Reader)

Love, Vicki

Vicki Woodyard

Nurturing The Now,




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