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#4026 - Monday, September 27, 2010 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -      

If you catch a fragrance of the unseen,
like that, you will not be able
to be contained.
You will be out in empty sky.

Any beauty the world has, any desire
will easily be yours.

As you live deeper in the heart,
the mirror gets clearer and cleaner.

Shams of Tabriz realized God in himself.
When that happens,
you have no anxieties about losing anyone
or anything. You break the spells
that human difficulties cause.

Interpretations come, hundreds,
from all the religious symbols
and parables and prayers.

You know what they mean,
when the presence lives through you.

- Mevlana Rumi

Translated by Coleman Barks
  posted by Baraka Phillip Page to Facebook  

  ?"Putting aside all concerns, shed all attachments. Do nothing at all. Don’t fabricate any things with the six senses. If you want to clarify the mind-ground, give up your jumble of limited knowledge and interpretation, cut off thoughts of usualness and holiness, abandon all delusive feelings. Although the ancient Teachings are a long-standing means to clarify the mind, do not read, write about, or listen to them obsessively because such excess only scatters the mind. Now think of what is without thought. How can you think of it? Be Before Thinking. This is meditation."

- Keizan
  posted by Mazie Lane to Facebook  

It can be incredibly liberating to realize that you are not thought. All 'your' life, 'you' believed every thought racing through the thought stream in the mind. Then you hear a teacher that points you to pure awareness prior to thought. From that pointing, there can be a freeing realization that thought is not who you are. It merely arises and falls within who you are.

But liberation invites a deeper realization than mere identification as awareness. Notice that the distinction between thought and awareness is a thought-created division. Is there really something here called "awareness" totally separate from something else called "thought?"

Only thought creates that rigid division. Until thought rises up to make that distinction, there is only 'This' -- One Life happening now as one continuous flow.

Although realizing that you are pure awareness can be liberating, it can also trap thought into searching for a purer and purer state of awareness -- a state that is free of thought. But only thought would seek to get rid of thought. Chasing a deeper state of awareness is a thought-driven search.

In the realization that all distinctions are illusory, including the division between awareness and thought, liberation arises. Life lives itself -- simply, vibrantly, lovingly, spontaneously and effortlessly. Everything is allowed to be just the way it is, including thought.

 ~ From: Reflections of the One Life, by Scott Kiloby

posted by Mark Scorelle to Wisdom-l

The Unfolding Now

We don't love it because it makes us feel good or is good for us, or because it means an attainment of one kind or another, or because it represents some kind of enlightenment or advancement. We love it because we know that when we are real, we are home—no matter the sensation or the flavor. Sometimes being real means allowing pain or accepting a painful truth. Yet something in us aligns with an inner ground of authenticity when we are real. We love it because of its inherent rightness in our soul, the sense of "Aha, here I am and there is nothing to do but be."


The Unfolding Now, p.6

posted by Mark Scorelle to Wisdom-l




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