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#4029 - Thursday, September 30, 2010 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -  


What is the question that, if you had the answer, would set you free?

This is the mother of all questions. It is a question that can only be  meditated
upon. Each time you answer it, you begin a different  conversation. While
there may not be one answer that you can settle on,  each attempt aims you in
a good direction. It is like a laser beam into  what matters. It brings the
question of our freedom front and center. It  carries within it the optimistic
message that our freedom might be within  reach. It confronts our illusions
about what will set us free because the  answer is a reminder of all the effort
it takes that does not set us free,  but further obligates us. 

From The Answer to How Is Yes by Peter Block

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"Those who dispute taking hold of a view, saying:
'This, and this only, is true,' those you can talk to.
Here there is nothing --
    no confrontation at the birth of disputes:
Among those who live above confrontation
    not pitting view against view,
    whom would you gain as opponent, Pasura,
among those here who are grasping no more?
So here you come, conjecturing,
your mind conjuring viewpoints.
You're paired off with a pure one
    and so cannot proceed."

From the Sutta Nipata IV.8 - Pasura Sutta, published at "

posted by Dainen Kelly to Daily Dharma

Trust Your Body  

It is important to remember that there is no “right” breath. If you carry with
you the idea that your breath should be deep and full when in reality it is
shallow, you immediately get into trouble. At times the breath is deep, at
times shallow, at times freely flowing, and at other times it can feel blocked.
Your practice is to be with your breath as it is, learning to let go of how you
think things “should be.” Mindfulness of breathing is a practice of learning to
harmonize your attention with what is, in this moment. Short, long, deep,
shallow are all fine breaths. Trust your body; it knows what is needed.

- Christina Feldman, "Receiving the Breath: Meditation Q & A"


If someone asks
My abode
I reply:
"The east edge of
The Milky Way.
"Like a drifting cloud,
Bound by nothing:
I just let go
Giving myself up
To the whim of the wind.
- Ryokan
  posted by Kia Pierce to Facebook  

  You See  

You see, I want so much.

Maybe I even want it all:

the darkness of each endless fall,

the shimmering light of each ascent.


So many live with hardly any will,

only on the surface - they reply

carelessly; they move in the world

as though untouched.


But you take pleasure in the faces

of those who know they thirst.

You cherish those

who grip you for survival.


You still aren't yet dead, so its not too late

to open your depths by plunging into them

and drinking in the life

that mysteriously reveals itself there.


- Rainer Maria Rilke, Love Poems to God, The Book of a Monastic Life

posted by Peter Shefler to Facebook

Star Magnolia in Late Afternoon Sun, Far Away Point, Maryland

photo by Peter Shefler

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