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#4038 - Friday, October 8, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights -    

  Press Release:  

Through his blog, Rodney Stevens has attracted readers and spiritual seekers from across the globe. Now, in A Vastness All Around: Awakening to Your Natural State, he gathers essays, dialogues, interviews, and pointers that speak of our true and eternal nature. Their themes are absolute nonduality, a oneness with all existence.

There is an undeniable grace and power behind Rodney's prose, as well as a clarity the resounds with freshness and inspiration. His words directly point to our natural and immediate state, a state that requires no methods, meditation, or concentration to discover. It is a simple seeing and understanding of who and what we truly are--boundless peace and freedom.

From the Preface by John Wheeler:

Rodney's book is a welcome addition to the contemporary expressions of the non-dual message. His words are a clear, warm and spontaneous expression of his own direct understanding and experience. As is evidenced in the dialogues in the book, he has a gift for connecting with people and establishing a "rapport" with those who seek his insights. In this living communication, the pointers naturally arise and are effortlessly shared. The result is that the words strike home very directly and consistently in a manner that allows the engaged reader to follow the pointers to their source and experience the meaning first hand. Rodney has an appreciation for the diverse ways that the non-dual message has been communicated by both traditional and contemporary sources. To this he adds his own unique voice, which is at once direct, clear, gentle, confident and heartfelt.

Blog Comments:

"I really enjoy what you share." --Jeff Foster, author of An Extraordinary Absence

"Your prose is beautiful beyond measure." --Susannah, from McGregor, South Africa

"I truly like your blog. You write very well." --Narayana Moorty, author of Being: Essays on UG Krishnamurti and Other Topics."

"Thanks to your powerful pointers, the seeking has stopped and there is just what IS." --Peter Kern, Lausanne, Switzerland

Rodney lives in Columbia, South Carolina. His new book, A Vastness All Around: Awakening to Your Natural State, is now available. It is $21.95 for the paperback (excluding postage) and $10.00 for the E-book version. You can order through through Amazon (starting Oct 5th), through your local bookstore (of whom we are big supporters), or directly from the publisher, www.Lulu Press.

The author's blog is at:   

An Introduction to Non-Duality  

Oct 4, 2010  

Michael Jenkins  

This article introduces the message of non-duality, highlighting the dilemma for the spiritual seeker in looking for what was never lost.   What is Non-Duality? The word 'non-dual' is derived from the Sanskrit word 'Advaita' which simply means, 'not two'. In recent years, there has been much written about non-duality and many non-dual teachers have appeared to deliver the Advaita message. But what exactly is the message?

Essentially, what is pointed to in a non-dual message cannot actually be named. This is because thought and language are part of the dualisitc world of form and therefore any description of non-duality is inherently dual. However, a discussion can take place that may illuminate the dilemma for the spiritual seeker.

The Message of Non-Duality  

The core message states that there is only 'this' or there is only 'being' and what arises in being or what arises in this, is the belief and experience that 'I am a separate individual with free will and choice'. The experience of being a separate individual is accompanied by a sense of loss or longing and that feeling gives rise to seeking. In the world of the individual, the individual must seek to do, have or be in order to 'make my life work'.  

he message of non-duality points to another possibility. The possibility that what is sought after, never went away. It seems as if something is missing simply because 'you' are out there looking for it. This message has been pointed to many times over the years by the great spiritual teachers and can be found hidden in many of our traditional, sacred texts.

Read the rest of the article here:    

John Prendergast, one of the founders of nondual psychotherapy, has a new website:  

All of my offerings as a psychotherapist, writer and teacher, come from a devotion to Silence and to its creative expression. Our true nature expresses itself as an open listening that welcomes what is and invites a natural unfolding of life. Ultimately we discover that this open listening and that which is listened to - what we call our inner and outer worlds - are not separate. The apparent subject and object are undivided or nondual. Realizing this leaves us open to the mystery of life and in service to the whole.  

John J. Prendergast Ph.D.“ 

The love of truth, manifesting as the surrender to Silence and an active investigation into all of our cherished beliefs, gradually leads us to a greater authenticity. In time and without any conscious effort or intent we become like stained glass, more adequate forms for the transmission of light.”    

~ John Prendergast

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