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#4042 - Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights -    

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  Nonduality America blog  

Awareness Never Changes  

Richard C. Miller  

Beyond the moving mind lays a background of Stillness that never changes.
The mind must come to know the Self as this pervading background of Stillness.  

Realize that nothing observed or experienced is you.
Nothing experienced binds or obscures you.
Take no notice of what is not your Self.
Nothing observed is ultimately who we are.  

Be aware of being aware.
Be aware deliberately and consciously.
Broaden and deepen this field of awareness.   Y

ou are always conscious of the mind.
Now be consciously aware of yourself as being aware.
Be Awareness.
In this there is no separation of observer and observed.
Look upon the objects of the world.
See that all objects are extensions of Awareness.  

There is only Awareness.
There is only Presence.
There is only God.  

*Words Richard C. Miller    

Slow Advaita blog  

I discovered vedAnta after the publication of words from an empty boat. I was gradually oriented to classical advaita teaching shortly afterwards, through the writings of Dennis Waite, the Italian sage Raphael and the jagadgurus of Sringeri.

Meditation upon such steady wisdom has made it possible for me to become a little more clear on the fine points of wisdom. But I should specify that the clarity is not the result of a vague 'spontaneity'. Nor is the fruit of mere nondualist autosuggestion. Rather it is the result of bringing my mind into harmony the words of the wise.


If it is possible for me to have some success in this, it would have to be possible for anyone else to have similar success. But the voices of distraction are innumerable. I spent years distracted by the hope of saying something unique, of somehow adding to wisdom or of discovering some new facet of wisdom. In the back of my mind, I was puffed up with these kinds of thoughts. It took time and effort to get some distance from them.


Without overcoming egotism, it is not possible to experience peace of mind. As another passage from kaTha upanishad states, "Not by him who has not desisted from evil conduct, who does not possess shama, etc., who has not collected, who does not have a mind at peace can this be attained by praj~nA alone."

Egotism holds the mind to manas. However, by overcoming egotism, we are more readily able to ascend to the intellect, and in this way meditate upon the profound truths, such as those revealed by the Scriptures and the wise through words.

In short, although words and the mind "turn back" from Reality, they are also central to Its realization. Where the mind and words intersect, knowledge of whatever order is possible. As the aitreya upanishad states, "The world is lead by knowledge. Knowledge is the basis. Knowledge is brahman."    


Dharma Point blog

Nonduality is Very Natural

by Adi Vajra   Non-Duality means non-duality.  It's funny how, through our manic searching and desperate attempts for control we can very easily imagine separateness in our lives.  We have this in-built tendency to create very subtle conditions for Truth.  We may understand intellectually that everything is One, but through our experience we always conjure up exceptions to that.  In this way we tend to try to exclude what we don't want, or create some condition that prevents someone or something else from being whole.  But, non-duality means non-duality...just because a person may not know all the spiritual languages, or be able to astrally project themselves doesn't mean that they aren't just as much the One as anything else.
In our truly natural state, which is just right now, there is nothing excluded from the totality of existence.  But the mind would believe otherwise, the mind would organize and interpret experiences down to the nth degree, hoping to somehow get a grasp on the eternal and unbound~ but it can't be done!

Non-duality is the relaxation of the mind to the essential truth that there is nothing to fix, nowhere to go, nothing to become...

Non-duality is the basic nature of our Being, that aspect of our Being that includes everything.  The aspect of of our Being that isn't concerned with analyzing reality, or making assumptions based on false evidence.
Non-duality is the direct experience of your own Self, and the recognition that your own Self is in its essence no different that anything else.

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