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#4049 - Tuesday, October 19, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights

Grasping is not good, especially when there is nothing there to grasp. -Juno

The following were written by Juno:

Rain after sunshine is unpredictable but sunshine after the rain is inevitable. There is Wisdom in every moment in Creation.

When you listen, you hear what is being said... When you understand, you hear what is not being said.

Love is so great it humbles the world.

When we begin to redefine beauty by looking deeper into the nature of things, we catch a glimpse of the truth.

When we surrender to love, it frees us.

True love is not the nail that latches on to thin wood that breaks easy, but the cement that binds the bricks of your sanctuary.

Never sleep on a fight. Always wake up with a kiss.

Love is the force that is gentle enough to soothe our restless souls and strong enough to break the walls within.

If you need an instant mood lift... go hang with folks who do not understand the concept of stress. We call them children.

Don't strain your eyes trying to find truth in the view. The things we do not see rules the things we do.

Grasping is not good, especially when there is nothing there to grasp.

Travel is one of the best gifts you can give to the heart and the mind.

When we have learned to distinguish fantasies from dreams, only then can we sleep better at night.

I rejoice with all the people from Chile as they celebrate the triumph of Faith, a miracle & hymn of Hope that resonates all over the world.

If I love you, nothing is ever too hard to ask.

Don't judge the people surrounding you, no matter how annoying or rude they are. Chances are, you attracted them.

What love cannot fill... music fills.

Dear man of my dreams, You are the best thing that never happened to me.

Trees can dance in the storm if the roots are strong.

Life is witnessed fully through gain, and appreciated fully through loss.

Are you sure these things are just butterflies??? Coz I’m about to explode!

Photo: Juno

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