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#4052 -Friday, October 22, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights

I'm writing this issue from my hotel room in San Rafael, California, at the Science and Nonduality Conference. The popularity of nonduality continues to grow. Adyashanti confirmed or suggested such when he said we are witnessing the breaking away of spirituality from religion and that it is breaking down rapidly.

More movies with nondual themes are being released. We'll also be seeing more gatherings, small conferences, and 'talks.'

By talks I mean meetings with nondual teachers that don't follow the satsang model. That's my impression.

If spirituality is breaking away from religion, so is nonduality breaking away from its current self.

Adyashanti also noted, and I've said from time to time, the current approach to communicating nonduality will look old-fashioned in years to come. Adya said about 50 years. I think it's more like 5 years or less.

Global transformation requires that nonduality be as much a part of our lives as orange juice for breakfast, so to speak. That status of cultural affairs won't end the dissemination of nonduality but it will change its form.

Okay, back to a normal Highlights issue. Ellen Emmet is featured.

Ellen is a licensed Movement and Transpersonal Psychotherapist and a senior member of the UK Dance Therapy Association.

She has been interested in investigating the true nature of the Self for many years and has found the wisdom of the non-dual tradition to be very helpful. Francis Lucille is her teacher.

Ellen has practiced as a movement therapist and psychotherapist in private and clinical settings for over 15 years. She has experience working in many settings, from autistic children to adults struggling with psychosis, to couples and families in crisis, to individuals managing anxiety, addiction, depression and trauma.

Ellen brings an open, non-judging and receptive presence to her work with clients. She is deeply committed to helping individuals to recognise and welcome their true, direct and total experience.

Credentials: Master Degrees in dance movement therapy (New York University) and transpersonal psychology (John F. Kennedy University, CA). Certificate in Laban Movement Analyst. Long term practitioner and facilitator of Authentic Movement. Mentored with Janet Adler.


This Yoga investigates and expresses our real nature and the real nature of the body. It is not an activity that leads us to the understanding of what we are. It proceeds from this understanding. It refines and celebrates it.

We have never been an individual body containing a personal consciousness. We have never been limited by physical skin, nor have we ever been located inside a solid body separate from an outside world. This is never our actual experience, although it may feel that way.

That in us, which experiences and shapes itself as thoughts, perceptions and sensations, is universal, impersonal and undivided. It is without limits and without a center. It is like the blue sky on a summer day, pure and open. From it, and within it thoughts, perceptions and sensations, like clouds, appear unfold and dissolve naturally.

The direct experience which we name body is fluid and alive, sometimes present, sometimes not. It does not refer back to a memory body, a habitual body or an image body.

The yoga of non-duality invites us to feel ourselves as the vast blue sky: open and welcoming. We listen to our bodily experience directly, without interpretation and without a goal. Within this simple and innocent openness, misidentifications with bodily sensations and feelings of being located inside a solid body dissolve naturally simply by being seen directly with and in the light of their own true nature.

In time, the body is knowingly experienced as a flow of amorphous sensation expanding and free floating in a quality of spaciousness. And as we live in this direct experience of the body as sensation, we feel and understand that it and the space all around are made of the very same reality.

Non Dual Therapy

Non-dual Therapy is a space that is open. It is a deep listening without judgment which we  come to knowingly share.  

Within it, layers of experience, at the level of the mind and the body, are welcome and seen simply for what they are, without an agenda for change.

As we abide in and as this gentle openness, mistaken beliefs at the level of the mind and habitual contractions at the level of the body begin to unwind naturally

As we remain open and unknowing, we may deeply recognize this Welcoming Presence as our true nature, unchanging and ever-present. In and as this recognition, happiness and peace are shared.

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