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#4070 - Tuesday, November 9, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz
The Nonduality Highlights

This issue features new entries in the expanding globe of nonduality: a ninja wizard who just discovered nonduality, a nonduality forum at the Second Asia Consciousness Forum, and a new hard copy glossy magazine focusing on nonduality. 

Nonduality - fantastic article by Bob Adamson

I'm just going to out myself as a big fan of nonduality. It's a way of life disguised as a philosophical stance. :D (It has many similarities with zen.)

Found this fantastic article by Bob Adamson a few days ago.

It deals with the relationship between thoughts and reality. Don't worry if it doesn't make any sense to you.

What Is by Bob Adamson.

An excerpt:

"Constantly over the years with the habit patterns going on it (thought) has believed itself to be the intelligence. It believes it has reality; it has power; it has will; it can do what it likes and what it thinks it wants to do.

That is why this investigation is needed. Just stop and question. Have a look at what we have believed ourselves to be Thought can’t of itself do anything! Because that thought ‘I see’, can’t see! The thought ‘I hear’, can’t hear! The thought ‘I am aware’, can’t be aware! But there is seeing; there is hearing; and there is awareness. It is happening right now! The seeing itself cannot conceptualise. It cannot say ‘I am seeing this’.

Neither can the hearing say ‘I am hearing this’. It is just pure seeing and pure hearing. It is conceptualised by the mind, which must refer to some past memory to get that name.

The mind or the ‘me’, the thought that I have about myself, is the past. That is all it is. It is the past, and the past is dead. It is gone. It has happened. It is not what is. That centre that we constantly refer to or believe in is a dead image. Now, can you understand why it can never be happy, it can never be complete or whole: because it can’t keep up with what is."    


Welcome to the Second Asia Consciousness Festival

About the Festival

Consciousness is a highly interdisciplinary topic that everyone has a first-hand experience with. It is arguably the most challenging topic of science and an area with great value in solving critical issues within our society today. There is an active community of neurobiologists, psychologists, physicists, philosophers, and cognitive scientists that are interested in developing a theory of the underlying biological mechanisms of consciousness, described as the “hard problem” of consciousness. Designers are interested in qualia and phenomenology to establish a basis for aesthetics and “good design.” Others in the field of psychology and mind-body medicine are interested in the role of one’s consciousness in both mental and physical health. These practitioners devise practices that facilitate natural healing. Still others are interested in the “evolution” of one’s consciousness and devise models and practices that facilitate one’s “personal evolution” in understanding self, ultimately addressing the big questions such as “who am I” and “why am I here.”

The Asia Consciousness Festival hosts a series of events that include conferences, workshops, performances, and exhibitions over the course of a month to raise the awareness of consciousness trends in Hong Kong and Asia. The events will bring together visionaries and leaders in the field of consciousness, spanning neuroscience, psychology, philosophy, cognitive sciences, education, and spirituality. The target audience includes researchers, practitioners, and professionals interested in psychology, consciousness, art, educators, and members of the community at large that are interested in the bigger questions in life as well as improving the quality of life.

The events will serve as a catalyst to increase awareness and stimulate interaction and collaboration. Practical hands-on workshops will also facilitate individuals’ personal explorations of their consciousness with an objective of improving their quality of life. Our goal is to make a regional and international impact in this area. Hong Kong has traditionally served as a bridge between east and west as well as a lifestyle trendsetter for Greater China.  

Non-Duality Forum: Know Thyself  

When: 7pm - 10pm, November 15, 2010
Non-duality, or advaita, is a term that describes the direct experience that nothing is separate. For some, non-duality is a philosophy, a belief, or an aspiration. For others, non-duality is the sudden and absolute realization that all perceived separation is entirely illusory. According to non-dualists, your fundamental nature is pure consciousness itself, the unbound awareness from which mind and matter arises. Non-dualism lays at the heart of spiritual traditions, teachings, and practices including Hinduism, Buddhism, Zen, and Taoism.

Only recently has non-duality entered the realm of scientific study. Scientists are becoming increasingly interested in non-duality. New tools such as EEG and FMRI allow scientists to examine the activity in the brains of individuals that claim non-symbolic state of consciousness. These new tools allow scientists and psychologists to look at ancient practices in a new light, and ask some fundamental questions such as:      

* Is there a physiological basis for non-symbolic consciousness?

    * How are non-symbolic states of consciousness achieved?
    * How does the experience of non-duality influence one's life?

With the advent of quantum mechanics and the understanding that the fabric of space and time is a unified field, ancient traditions and quantum physicists are finding convergence in their views of the material world. Positive psychology researchers have discovered a correlation between one's happiness and their world-view. New research in this area will have a profound impact on how we live and interrelate with one another. Join us for a fascinating evening with non-duality teachers and researchers.  

The Forum will be moderated by Jeffery Martin and consist of presentations by Gary Weber, Gino Yu, Stephen Ng and Swami Sadyojathah, followed by a panel discussion.    


Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine  

November 2010 Issue Now Available as Hard Copy

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