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Nonduality Highlights: Issue #4082, Sunday, November 21, 2010, Editor: Mark

Control the mind as a slave and it will be very helpful to you. Know this trick from the outer Guru. Control the slave, love the slave, keep it quiet. Don't trouble the mind and don't let it trouble you. This is how to control the mind.

- Papaji,from The Truth Is, posted to DailyDharma

But why worry so much about causation? What do causes matter, when things themselves are transient? Let come what comes and let go what goes - why catch hold of things and enquire about their causes?

- Nisargadatta Maharaj, posted to ANetofJewels

Empty and calm and devoid of self Is the nature of all things.
No individual being In reality exists.
There is no end or beginning,
Nor any middle course.
All is an illusion,
As in a vision or a dream.
All beings in the world
Are beyond the realm of words.
Their ultimate nature, pure and true,
Is like the infinity of space.

- Prajnaparamita, posted to Distillation

This "Awakening into Awareness," this view of Reality, is no place at which you can arrive, no accomplishment you can achieve, no goal you can attain. It is your Original Nature, which you simply recognize in a profound and stunning moment of rediscovery and Realization.

It is a subtle shift in perception, a refocusing of attention and perception. It begins with considering the radical possibility that the saints and sages of years gone by might actually be right: that This -- your immediate experience and "ordinary" awareness, exactly as they appear within the present moment -- might actually be "It," i.e., the elusive goal for which you have so long been seeking.

Then, as you begin to consider this possibility, and as you allow the focus of your attention begins to shift, you begin to see and recognize that within the center of your immediate experience, within the deep center of your whirling thoughts, emotions, and sensations, there is a still point -- a Clear Seeing -- a Spacious Space which contains all THIS, a vastness within which all of THIS appears. And, you realize that "you" -- your most fundamental sense of identity and self -- is inextricably linked to this Spacious Awareness which is the background, context and framework for everything you experience.

When you discover (uncover) this Awareness -- this Clear Seeing at your Perceptual Center -- then you begin to realize that you are That. You are now, and have been always. In fact, there is no always -- there is only Now.

And, with this subtle shift in perception, you now realize how limited your previous sense of identity has been. Yes, the body, mind, and emotions exist, and you experience the profound beauty and suffering of Life in and through them, but you -- the essential and fundamental you -- are so much more.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you are limited by thought, belief, experience and sensation -- you are, instead, the dynamic spaciousness within which all these phenomena appear. You are the Awareness of these phenomena, not the phenomena themselves. The truth of this can be discovered easily and immediately simply by observing your own experience: the phenomena change, while your Awareness of them does not.

Ultimately, and in the face of these ever changing phenomena, your identity remains in the Center -- seated and grounded in the clear, vast spaciousness of this present moment Awareness, in this Ground of Being.

When you discover this, when you discover the Fullness of this empty space, then you also Recognize the absolute miracle of its innate completeness. And in this completeness, in this Wholeness which is inherent within the Infinite Present, you finally rest and find peace.

Meanwhile, the process of discovery and unfolding continues as the Infinite continues to manifest in and through the finite, Here and Now, within the immediacy of the present moment. It is the movement and flow of this Life energy which animates us, which we experience as the visible and physical world, and through which we read and understand these words.

- Metta Zetty

Your restless seeking will not end until you begin seriously considering the radical possibility that THAT which you are seeking is inseparable from THIS -- the reality of your own immediate and intimate experience within the present moment.

Every experience in life is an invitation -- an invitation to awaken into an Awareness of the essential nature of Reality -- and who you really are.

- Metta Zetty

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