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#4091 - Wednesday, December 1, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz


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In response to yesterday's issue on Greg Allen Morgoglione and Alice the Canine Messiah, Yosy wrote...


:) oh yes....

Four paws.
A tail.
Two attentive ears.
Cold enquiring nose.
Shortsighted eyes.
And a heart
Which is bigger
Then the whole…

Dyslexic version






This issue features another guru and his dog: Sunyata and Wuji. Sunyata was "a natural born mystic" who played a significant but little known role in the nonduality movement over the last hundred years. Read about him here:


From the website:


... his most favored companions are two dogs. The first is Lady Yami, and when she dies Sri Chow Chu Wuji. A plucky little black-and white dog brought from Tibet in a sack with a tiger cub, Wuji quickly learned to sit on his hind legs to give namaste (blessing) to the local grocers (in exchange for a morsel of meat)


Once Sunya is Invited to sit in ’the silent room " with the Great Mother of India, Ananda Mayee. Wuii goes right along inside too. Ma's disciples rage at the doggish imprudence but Ma waves them off. She gives Sri Wuji careful spiritual scrutiny. Finally, she announces: "Wuji is not a dog." But as Sunya recounts it "She never did say what he was."


The Mystery of Sri Wuji


Sunyata with the cosmic dog, Sri Cho Chu Wuji, who had been brought from Tibet
in a sack along with a tiger cub.
Question: Why did you change his name from Wuti to Wuji?


Sunyata: He needed less bark and more bite! Adding Ji to name is what is  done in India to show respect.


Q: So his name could be translated as "The Honorable Yes&No".


S: Yes!..... And no. (Audience laughs)   You see, if God did not exist then
    that whole business would have to be invented. Same with Wuji.


Q: Is Wuji here tonight?


S: Certainly.  But you are not aware of it unless you become spiritually
    Aware, see him clairvoyantly, with the intuitive eye. He is here.


A later interview - 1983


Q: Who is Wuji?


S: For 10 years, Sri Wuji was a Himalayan dog and seems to be a
    spirit- wu-al or spirited no-thing-ness in the invisible Real -
    our alter ego, a Sat Presence, a playmate.


Q: What is Wuji really like?


S: Wuji is like no thing on earth or heaven. One of his name tags is
    Sri No-thing-ness.


Q: Why is there a Wuji?


S: If God did not exist, He would have to be invented. Likewise, Sri Wuji.


Q: Where does Wuji live?


S: Here and now in space time rhythm.


Q: When is Wuji going to happen next?


S: Sri Wuji may not happen as phenomenon in Swa Lila. He apperceives


Q: How is Wuji doing?


S: Sri-No-thing-ness is not a doer. He is an august Presence, simply and
    purely awake to, intuit and apperceive.


Q: Is Wuji a kind of connection, a process, an event?


S: Yes.


Q: Is Wuji a consciousness?


S: Yes - a playful, impish, sex-free and god-free consciousness. Or
    conscious awareness.


Q: Is Wuji an Angel or God


S: Yes. Both. And neither. Wu!


Q: Does everybody have a Wuji?


S: Sri Wuji, Sri-No-thing-ness is not possessive, nor a possession; neither
    a have nor have not. He innerstands at joyous ease and awarely. He
    intuits and appreciates, apperceives and is Real-ly sex:free, body:free,
    birth:free, and death:free. Wuji is ego:free in non-dual One-ness.
    Or wu-ness. Wu!


Q: Is the meaning beyond meaning?


S: Yes.


Q: Is Wuji a big joke?


S: Himalayan joke. For there is no Wuji.


Q: Is Wuji something to sell? Can it be purchased? In what marketplace?


S: No and Wu!


Q: Is Wuji uncatchable, always just a step ahead or in back?


S: Yes. He innerstands and also outerstands. He is the beyond that is also
    within. He is a mirrorization.


Q: Please tell me how to catch the uncatchable, eff the ineffable, speak the
    unspeakable, be the unthinkable. Please tell me why I am Wuji. I forgot.


S: You are THAT, Truth in Sat(ire) already. Wake up in pure awareness.
    Intuit. Apperceive. And BE in Self hood, Wu hood. Grace aware,
    awarely, and there will be no queststions, no quest and no questioner.
    Apperceive "to the pure all is pure".


    The Self and its shadow are in unity, a unicity. Ego shadow is Sun-Self.
    Wholify. Apperceive. And rejoice in Divine gratitude, Says Wuji, our
    wordy and worthy playfellow, our impish guardian, wise Demon who
    is one single wordish sound radiating.


More Sunyata photos and writings here:

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