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#4093 - Friday, December 3, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights -    

Vicki Woodyard's new book, Life With A Hole In It: That's How the Light Gets Through, would make a great Christmas gift.  

In this issue is my review of Vicki's book. If you've enjoyed her writings, you have to see them in the totality of a book, with wholeness and continuity. It's a much grander experience. I recommend it.    


Read an excerpt and order either the e-book with immediate download or the hard copy book:    

Vicki Talks Truth and Requires You to Face It a review by Jerry Katz

Vicki Woodyard tells about her experiences, feelings, friends, teachers, and spiritual realizations during her husband Bob's nearly five year struggle with the cancer known as multiple myeloma.

Vicki says on page one, "I just want you to have an experience."

This book IS an experience. You're going to take Vicki's approach:

"Oh God, I am not strong enough. I can write, I can joke, but I cannot cure my own heartache. The irony is that I know that nothing will take it away. I would choose insanity if I could, but choice has nothing to do with things like that. My teacher [Vernon Howard] said, `When you are carrying your cross up Crucifixion Hill, offer no resistance whatever.'"

You're going to walk the chemo halls with Vicki, yes, but you'll also share a table with her and the Buddha at the Waffle House. More buttah? More wisdom that brokenness brings?

While experiencing these stories of struggle and humor, and while being brought as low as one human spirit can go, you somehow rise to an experience of rich wholeness and the truth of being human.

How is that done? By facing pain and suffering so that you see it in fullness, which is its abidance within a peaceful energy field.

Regardless of what Vicki went through in the loss of her husband, the loss of her seven year old daughter to cancer, the losses of close friends to cancer, there was never a severing from inherent wholeness, nor, as Vicki says, can there be. "The eye of wholeness doesn't cry."

This book is often hard-going, sometimes light, deeply loving and humanitarian. It requires the reader to face pain and suffering. This is a powerful, cleansing, truth-talking book. No other nonduality book has the texture, the quality of writing, the points of focus as Life With A Hole In It. It is an extremely worthwhile addition to one's nonduality education.  


Read an excerpt and order Life With A Hole In It:  

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