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Highlights #41

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From: "Gill Eardley"

from the Allspirit list:

Do not search for the truth;
Only cease to cherish opinions.
- Seng Ts'an


Silence at the proper season is wisdom,
and better than any speech.

HarshaSatsangh list -
From David Bozzi:

Light is the universe's metaphor for what we are.

Science has revealed to us that the body,
the world, and our entire universe is all composed of light.

If all the energy of the universe
is unified, the result is that it manifests
simply as light.

Light is timeless.

It's only a story, of course,
that represents what can not be told,
the universe is a wonderful story teller.

Blessings of Light...

from the NonDualitySalon:

good morning from our sister lalla via
with love:

Let them throw their curses.
If inside, I am connected
to what's true, my soul
stays quiet and clear.

Do you think Shiva worries
what people say!

If a few ashes fall on a mirror,
use them to polish it.

--lalla, kashmir poet, 1320-1391
From Melody
in the NondualitySalon:

I'm recognizing it's easier to talk about, and
know about ego, than to simply watch it,
and really 'see' all it's up to.

I noticed in myself yesterday an inner tug of war
that was going on when someone did not hear what
I was trying to say. There was a combination of
frustration, and determination from one side, and
a sense of 'so what?' on the other.

To really sit and watch that interplay in me
takes determination, because I can see how the
ego tries to distract me from it.

I have observed this feeling as well. Once I could recognize that internal
'tug of war' I began seeking methods of 'emptying' my 'self' and placing it
'all' on the outside. At first, as many here that have seen me develop over
the last year can agree, it is 'really' hard to get it all out and it really
hurts at times.

This allowed me to detatch from it and see its dynamic. It is not always
easy to get it 'out' or keep it 'out' but when it sits before your eyes you
can see clearly the corrective action to be taken. That is the difficulty of
the argument... it is between the 'what I keep in' of me and the 'what I am
willing to let out' of me which, I have found in most cases is an 'ego
defensive maneouver'.

Once it is 'all' out however, you can clearly see the argument and how
breaking it is done. It then becomes a matter of consitently keeping it out
there... 'practice'.... where it is neither right nor wrong and allowing the
'flowing water of infuence' (words) smooth it out.... soon you find a state
of 'gentle peace' where you allow the words of others to flow past you and
you 'add' a comment or a thought or a question while offering no defence and
then simply let it flow by.

In essence it is a 'realization' that you simply can not know the source of
another's words or actions or the purpose behind them beyond the
understanding that no one 'unintentionally' sets themselves up to be
humiliated or made the fool. In other words no one wants anyone else to
think they are stupid. Here in this group it is much more concentrated and
raw as we lay out our 'insecurities' in terms of 'ego defenses' with
relative safety knowing that we may never meet the faceless people on the
other side of the screen.

from the IAM list:

Verse Ten

So sit and understand the world.

Sit beneath the tree of understanding.

Put the creation of the universe on pause.

The world is the Big Doubt.

Turn the tap off.

Let its rising and sinking fountain stop.

Now hear I AM.

Sit beneath the tree of understanding

And let existence open

Against the thunder of I AM.

From the Nonduality Salon:
Gene Poole writes:

Two "I"s observed, is the creation of the 'third-I'... how;

_1 One original I ('deity')

_2 The created I ('ego')... and...

_3 The observer of those two "I"s, the 'third "I"...

And the advent of the _fourth I_, me.

Evidence? In the mirror;

Eye nose eye, or I knows I, or 'Deity knows me'... thus I know Deity.

One mouth speaks for both "I"s... (but how well?)

The seamless integration of the 'two "I"s yields binolcular vision, eg, the
two see as one, speak as one, act as one.

If imbalance occurs... if one "I" takes precedence, if Left-hemisphere or
Right-hemisphere (male or female) dominates, an 'impartial observer' is
called into Being; thus is the event of the 'opening of the third eye'.
This salvatory function is (Darwinian selection-driven) 'built-in' but
latent, awakened only in need, a higher-level balancing-act, IE, survival
of those humans with the latent 'third eye'.

Who is the one who observes I-one, I-two, and I-three? I-four.

How much stress (challenge to survival) does it take to 'open the third
eye' (engender the latent salvatory function of impartial mediation between
Deity and 'ego'?) Enter Messiah, Alla'h Jesus Christ...

Conflict between created and Creator invariably elicits Messiah...

And how much stress does it take to be able to actually SEE Jesus Christ?
In other words... once the original two "I"s fall (out of relationship) and
the third "I" is actuated (the invisible spirit), enters (comes forth) the
Fourth, the vast overmind, the Original Intention, in which all of this is
actually happening.

What is seen now is the Creator of the creator, the 'true I of the I'; the
OverSeer. It is the allowance of this Fourth by the third which reunites
the first two, in the 'mystical wedding' and the creation of the Sacred
Androgyne, which is the Tantric Being of Siva/Sakti, awakened, united. And
it is this awakened Being who is having all of this fun... already always

At play, 'Four-Eyes', the fourth point of the triangle... the Circle,
squared... etc...

==Gene Poole==

From HarshaSatsangh List,
David Bozzi:

Words are bricks.
We can build either walls or bridges.


From the Bridge,
Sandeep answers a survey:

><< How do you define God?

I don't, because even to say it is beyond all
definitions is saying
something about it.
And to say anything about Truth is False.

> Some background info please:

A gentleman of leisure.

> What religious group do you consider yourself a member of? (ex Methodist
> Christian etc):


> How often do you practice your religion? (ex: going to church)


> Do you believe the values you were brought up with still influence your
> religious values? (ex: yes or no)

No, since I don't own or have any religious values.

> If no: Why have your values changed?

Did not change. Just dropped them.

> How do you interpret the teachings of your religion (ex. conservative,
> liberal, radical)

I don't, since have none.

> What is enlightenment in the spiritual sense?

That there is nothing called a spiritual sense as distinct from an
non-spiritual sense.

>Define consciousness in the spiritual sense.

Consciousness IS.
The "isness" of Life is it's consciousness, unbound by boundaries like
spiritual or mundane.

> Define Love.

Again beyond definitions.
If all is ONE who loves whom?

> Define a Victim.

One who is asleep

>Define Transcendence.

To realize that one was dreaming and thus to awaken.

> Why did you join the bridge?

Did I join the Bridge, or did the Bridge join me?

> Please take a moment to define God in plain English.


> What is your version of heaven?

This "now.

> What is your version of hell?

This "now".


from Stan Alari
from the Bridge:

"Its two minutes until tomorrow...

"my eyes, they never listen to me...

how strange the speaker comes
and writes our fingers..... some heart speaking in strange and wonderous

something listening...inside me...
phrases like an astonishing sky...some firmament living in my

hearing yours.....with hidden ears poking round my listening
heart....your words beating like a heart.....mine hears....


There are two realities. Our Silent Direct Experience ....and...the
stories we live in.

Sally F Jamir
from the Allspirit List:

"When from our better selves we have too long been parted by the hurrying
world, and droop, sick of its business, of its pleasures tired, how
gracious, how benign, is solitude."

-- William Wordsworth


From: Christopher Wynter
from the Anunda list:

the void, the nothingness can only be found by
going as far back as you go forward
going as far in as you go out
going as far down as you go up


From: Christopher Wynter
from the Anunda List:

........ allowing that all my tears, pain, grief and reactions to others
are OK
... and
thanking those who invoke those reactions from me because I know that they are
sharing with me the greatest gift ...

triggering the remembering and release of everything that I hold inside myself
to separate me from my Self ...

from the Advaitin list,
"f. maiello" wrote:

the guru within placed the following in
my mind a few years ago ...[]:

"act as though everything matters;
yet be as though nothing does."


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