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#4100 - Friday, December 10, 2010 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights -    

    Here are some fascinating people and projects...    


James Carson

“The vision came in two parts: I would travel around the earth, and then build a cabin to practice my music. My goal was to play the whole piano at once, but to do it in a way that was also harmonious and tranquil—in the same way that a single breeze can cause all the leaves of a forest to dance and tremble in unison.” — James Carson Cabin Music represents an individual’s sincere desire to expand the breadth and depth of consciousness and the human spirit. While many virtuosos come onto the scene in their late teens and early twenties, Mr. Carson chose a path that offered no worldly recognition, no security, and no clear precedent to follow. His quest led him to study with some of the greatest minds of the 20th century, but also to sleep in the lobbies of abandoned buildings, to swing a hammer at the top of a ladder, and to practice for weeks in the dead of winter, alone in the warmth of a wood stove. The result is a music that is achingly beautiful and technically dazzling, but also genuinely new. Mr. Carson currently divides his time between his cabin and New York City. -from the website Listen to, watch James Carson:  



Vicki Woodyard writes:


LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT has been voted Best Spiritual Autobiography of the Year in Spiritual Enlightenment Magazine-December 2010 issue. 

It  has a chance to be the Overall Winner if enough of you vote. It would make this writer very happy. Here is the link where you go to vote for LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT as the Best Overall Winner.

Vicki Woodyard   Editor's note: Vicki's book is very well written and covers the unique perspective of loss and grieving from a nondual view. Reading her book, you have to face some realities which you can't nondual your way out of. There are some good shots of humor and ultimately always opennness. -Jerry    

Hi Folks,

I can't say for certain that this is regarding Nonduality as the film release is set for Feb 2011

So it is something that may be of interest in the new year.

James Traverse    


Upcoming online events with Rupert Spira. Also a video excerpt:

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