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#4106 - Thursday, December 16, 2010 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -      

The poet lights the light and fades away. But the light goes on and on. - Emily Dickinson


All beings in the world
Are beyond the realm of words.
Their ultimate nature, pure and true,
Is like the infinity of space.

Prajnaparamita photos by Alan Larus  

?"Poetry has an immediate effect on the mind. The simple act of reading poetry alters thought patterns and the shuttle of the breath. Poetry induces trance. Its words are chant. Its rhythms are drum beats. Its images become the icons of the inner eye. Poetry is more than a description of the sacred experience; it carries the experience itself." - Ivan M. Granger  


Holy Ground  

Let the vision
of the vastness
you are
leave you
in glorious

Pilgrims will come
to imagine
the grand temple
that once stood,
not realizing

the wreck
made this empty plain
holy ground.



Yes, seekers, you should
sit up,
stand tall.

But hear
my bent secret:

All saints slouch.

God's lovers lean
into the divine embrace
and there
let the years pass.

Struggling for straightness,
your strivings shaken,

learn what true knowers know:

Effort clears the way,
but the steps
are already taken.


Poetry Chaikhana readers often ask me about myself. Who is the guy behind all those poetry emails? What drew you to sacred poetry? And just what does "Poetry Chaikhana" mean?   As a way to answer some of those questions, I thought I'd post an audio interview I did a couple of years ago. I talk a little about myself, and a lot about poetry -- the transformational power of poetry, the ways poetry naturally expresses the sacred experience, the non-dogmatic nature of poetry. And I read a few poems.

I hope you find it inspiring and thought-provoking...

Click to listen:
Interview with Ivan M. Granger

Ivan M. Granger is the creator and webmaster of the Poetry Chaikhana website.
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