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#4124 - Tuesday, January 4, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights -    

Here's a mish mash of nonduality, hopefully more mish than mash.      

Before there was Twitter. Before there was Facebook. Before there were moving pictures. Okay, two out of three ain't bad. What there was, was Live Journal. The following is from Guru George's Live Journal:  

Big, big Nonduality jag  

Going through this all again, checking out all the usual suspects on YouTube, etc. (Tony Parsons, Jeff Foster, Roger Linden, Mooji, Sailor Bob, Mark West, John Sherman, etc., etc., etc., as well as a new discovery, the delightful Mandi Solk -  and a rediscovery of John Greven, whose book I really want to read now.)   Particularly triggering for me recently was coming across the work of another "new kid on the block", Ciaran Healy (website Ruthless Truth). 

What I particularly like about his approach is its mixture of Western philosophy (and particularly his respect for Popper) with the more traditional direct pointer (no self).  I think he's a bit controversial because of his use of bluntness, swearing, anger, etc. - his approach might be summed up as "trolling as transmission" :) - but I have no problem with that.  He's also a "man with a mission", but again, I have no problem with that (good luck to "him").  I do think his transmission is very strong, though. 

The core idea is something like, "There is no you.  Is this true?  Well, look and see (usually, for him and his cronies, with the trolling addendum "you dumbass @$#*!^!")  You test it in your experience, as a philosophical hypothesis (a la Popper).  I think this is a genuinely new approach and a subtly powerful discovery (and yet also traditional, in that it hearkens back to ancient understandings of "philosophy").  

Looking at it in this way has clicked with me quite strongly.  Not in the sense that it has precipitated liberation just yet, but in the sense that it has enabled me to link up a lot of stuff that wasn't quite gelling in a philosophical sense, from a lot of the usual suspects above (and the many others).  They're all making much more sense in the light of the way Ciaran has put it.  Something about this is calming the mind beast, and that, I'm finding, is good.  

Read the rest of the entry here:    

Give Facebook a break already. Return to your roots. Join the Live Journal Nonduality community, founded in 2001 and with over 600 members. The group is owned by Dustin LindenSmith:      

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