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#4130 - Monday, January 10, 2011 - Editor: Gloria Lee

The Nonduality Highlights -      

The raft across the ocean of samsara
is the strong decision to be free.
This intense desire is absolutely necessary.
The intensity of this desire is itself the Satguru,
the pain in the heart is the Self calling.

                     - Papaji
  posted to Along The Way

  A Dream Unfolding  

Time is very precious. Do not wait until you are dying to understand your
spiritual nature. If you do it now, you will discover resources of kindness
and compassion you didn’t know you had.. It is from this mind of intrinsic
wisdom and compassion that you can truly benefit others.... Moment by
moment, we should look at life as if it were a dream unfolding....In this
relaxed, more open state of being, we have the opportunity to gain the
infallible means of dying well, which is recognition of our absolute nature.

_Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, "In Memoriam"   


Mazie Lane & Bob O'Hearn


So Cheap

By Adyashanti
(1962 - )

I am all hollowed out now
Like a reed.
I gave everything for this.
And still I laughingly wonder:
How could it have been so cheap?

 from My Secret is Silence: Poetry and Sayings of Adyashanti, by Adyashanti

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  Silent Listening  

In the book Sunrise at Two Lions, a wise old man tells a young boy that just
looking silently at an inspired work of art or reading poetry can bring a
profound inner peace and a sudden rush of new insight. In an interview,
Picasso shared his feeling that artists, at their deepest level, are attempting
to express God. And certainly those who meditate have found the value of
silent listening on many levels of consciousness.

Recently, someone pointed out that the words silent and listen are an
anagram - two words that contain the same letters. There is something about
this observation that resonates with wisdom.
_Jeff Belyea on Facebook

    189 - The 300 Missing Poems of Han Shan  

"Without concepts, leave your awareness, just as it is, in the steady vision of
appearances. If you can do so, that is the best of meditations. In terms of
recognizing the nature of awareness, the spiritual mentors of the past stated
that it could be ascertained in the interval following the cessation of one
thought and prior to the arising of the next thought. In that interval there is
an emptiness. How long is this interval? It's a mistake to think it is short in
duration. Rather, it is the very nature of both samsara and nirvana. In the
very steady vision of appearances, right in the instant, in the instantaneous
vision of the instantaneous moment of appearances, you can recognize the
essential nature of the mind."

"Most seekers exacerbate their itching,

scratching esoteric maps and dimly

pondering weighty conundrums until

the light falls flat from warm eyes

to cold ground, leaving themselves

in a yet deeper dark, wondering

how in hell they got there.

Truly, what's so difficult about

simply standing still and watching

this luminous darkness rise and

fall in perfect harmony?

The more one fusses with

doctrines and dogmas, the further

one roams from their own cozy hearth.

Conniving with alchemy's elixirs and potions,

they end up fouling their own nest.

All night long, again and again,

they disturb the family peace with

pointless droning debates, poisoning

the air with stale breath and drowning out

the nightingale's melancholy sonority.

Were they to quietly open their ears

and listen, true to that soulful sound,

they could finally close the book

on heaven and hell, blissfully,

and let the relatives relax.

~Mazie Lane & Bob O'Hearn

~Mazie Lane & Bob O'Hearn  

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