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#4138- Tuesday, January 18, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights -    


You Have To Know

You have to know

how hard it is for caregivers

to watch their loved ones

fade away

one pain at a time.

You have to know

how hard it is to see them

do things for the last time.

To stop doing things like

making love and settle for

a pat on the shoulder.

You have to know.

You have to know how hard it is

to shop and cook and go to the chemo room

and come home to hopelessness and dread

and a life filled with “what if’s?”

You have to know how long the road is

and how cold the empty heart is when

there is no more caregiving left to do.

When you have outlived your job and

find your hours idling on the vine.

You have to know.

You have to know that out of sorrow

comes your own rebirth.

How hard it is to watch yourself be a tiny

embryo of hope; a toddler that falls into

the coffee table and lurches into the street.

You have to know.

You have to know that hope is reborn

when you have to know...because you do.

You know that your only resource is within

and that no one will support you until you

begin to support yourself. So you begin again.

You are caregiving your own spirit now.

You have to know that God Himself is

giving you another chance. That your 

loved one is within your heart and dancing

at this chance you are given.

The day you dance again is more than a pat

on the shoulder. It is an affirmation of

your own strength and courage. It is your ticket

to eternity, your own knowing how the game is played.

Not with a losing hand but with a winning spirit.

Not with self-pity but with the grace of God.

Not with hopelessness but an acceptance of

the flow.  That’s all there ever was and all

there ever will be. 

You have to know.

Vicki Woodyard

Vicki Woodyard

"No sooner do I conceive of the one than I am illumined by the splendor of the three; no sooner do I distinguish them than I am carried back to the one. When I think of anyone of the three I think of him as the whole, and my eyes are filled, and the greater part of what I am thinking escapes me. I cannot grasp the greatness of that one so as to attribute a greater greatness to the rest. When I contemplate the three together, I see but one torch, and cannot divide or measure out the undivided light.”  

- Gregory of Nazianzus  

contributed by Wayne Ferguson    



When people think of guided imagery, they usually recall being asked to picture a relaxing environment, such as a serene beach or a bright meadow. But scripted visualizations are only one approach within of the rich field of imagery.

By contrast, receptive imagery offers no suggested images, and instead is a practice of exquisite awareness of kinesthetic impressions, mental patterns, emotional landscapes, and other subtle perceptions occurring within, and part of, unitive consciousness.

Leslie Davenport’s book, Healing and Transformation Through Self Guided Imagery (2009, Celestial Arts/Random House), offers clear, step-by-step instructions in receptive imagery. In addition to the formal practice, the book also includes “Eyes Open Imagery” exercises to mindfully bring awareness into simple, day-to-day moments. Here is an excerpt from the book, one of the 33 “Eyes Open Imagery” practices:

Cultivating an Awareness of Oneness

Notice your breath. At what point does it change from being the air around you to your breath—when it enters your body at the tip of your nose, halfway into your nasal passages, when it fills your lungs? And when does the air around you stop being the sky—when you are in a room? What if the doors and windows are open? And when does the sky stop being the space that stretches throughout the universe? Breathe now without the names and divisions. Just experience the living image of breath that animates.

Healing and Transformation Through Self Guided Imagery is available on Amazon:

For more information visit her website:

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