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The wind carves shapes into the beach sand

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#4145- Wednesday, January 26, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz  

The Nonduality Highlights -    

Charles Webb discusses Cinemorphics at the Science and Nonduality Conference 2010.   "Cinemorphics transforms and adapts the motion picture and theatrical techniques of character development, scripting, method acting, fundraising, criticism, wardrobe, make-up, special effects, editing, promotion, marketing, etc. into a model, symbol and skill set, and mythology - a complete system - that is very powerful and effective when applied to personal reality shifting."  

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Attend the Science and Nonduality Conference 2011, October 19 -23 in San Rafael, California. There will be some fascinating major speakers. If you're in the nonduality "business" as a publisher, blogger, promoter, teacher, this is an invaluable opportunity to introduce yourself and your work and to meet others. If you're a leader, a follower, a guru, a seeker, or a rider experiencing all roles nonduality has to offer, you will benefit by coming to SAND 2011 and experiencing the offerings. Click on the link below and start exploring.    


A new book by Michael Langford:

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