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#4186 - Wednesday, March 9, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz

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Tricks of the Nonduality Trade

by Jerry Katz

Creating a crisis atmosphere is probably used by teachers to effect a feeling of closeness and presence. Teachers who throw people out of their meetings, who tell you to fasten your seatbelts because some great truth is about to be told, create a space of crisis that forces people together, as crises do. Most teachers somehow show you that you are in crisis or in pain or need to awaken or that something is wrong with you.

That atmosphere of presence also seems to arise out of release or relief of a stress or crisis, as in celebrations of different kinds. Woodstock is probably a huge example of that. The Nonduality Salon 2000 retreat in Rhode Island was a small example of that.

Sometimes a teacher walks on stage and their presence alone exudes bliss or charisma. Gangaji's good at that.

You can see where, if a teacher can create crisis, provide celebration, and radiate bliss/charisma, that he or she can be quite powerful. Of course they have to have something to teach.

Hare Krishnas are a good example. They're big on celebration with their chanting and dancing. In big cities they're on the streets singing, playing tambourines, dancing. They exude bliss through they're dress, smiles, chanting, food. They create crisis by handing you the mysterious Bhagavad Gita which makes you feel you're missing some mysterious teaching.

The guy in Arizona who watched people die and nearly die in his sauna was big on crisis creation and charisma. Not so big on celebration I don't think.

Wayne Liquorman comes to mind as someone who instills fear and is charismatic. You add lineage, fame, reputation, and it all goes toward making the attendee feel inadequate and awe-inspired, which are forms of crisis mode or at least altered states of being. And crisis mode inspires closeness and the feeling of spiritual presence.

We get sucked into the nonduality game through these doors of crisis, fear, charisma, bliss, and celebration.


Waking Up Is Hard To Do

I am the root of reality and the flower of illusion. No wonder awakening is so hard, for paradox is the point of power. I am both truth and illusion, fed by streams of pure water and hocus pocus in abundance. Some call this world maya; I call it a testing ground. For I have been led to drink pure water while under illusion’s veil. It is terribly confusing.

Bliss and suffering flow together along the banks of the River Life. Commingled is human love and hate, the pure awareness and the low-down, dirty lie. Jazz, blues and cosmic symphonies make their way to our ear. Is anyone to blame for this barfed-up bag of tricks?

Some come to hate God and others to love him. Some awaken and others deepen their sleep. Is there any rhyme or reason to this ongoing Scrabble game? I like to think there is, but as often as not, I walk in the rain and am soaked with sorrow. I sit in the sun and dry out in bliss. I break down and rise up. I shout and I whisper. I walk between the lines and color outside of them. I am a divine freak show.

I love the truth of my being and I fall into disarray at least once a day. My petals bruised and falling, I return to my root. There I sit soaking in the silence. I remember who I am. I give thanks for light. I vow to do better by being better. For I have learned that doing is my downfall. I was born to be. Doing is just a distraction.

Some of you think I am crazy. I think some of you are, so that’s a Mexican standoff. Who will win in the war against reality? Who will sit down and be counted as a servant of the real? Anyone can do it if they remember that the mixing of the truth and the lie do not go on forever. Somewhere out there we live as One. And somewhere in here we know it.

Vicki Woodyard

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