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#4192 - Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights

Wim Hof

I've been enjoying your website and the nds highlights since 1999. Thank You! I've come across another interesting proponent of nonduality: a Dutch fellow (no surprise). He has rediscovered an ancient innate human ability that lies dormant in perhaps everyone. (Tibetan Buddhists have been practicing something very similar as a form of meditation for centuries).

He is able to focus in such a way that allows him to generate astounding amounts of energy, and thus do things like keep his body warm for nearly two hours while submersed to his neck in a vat of ice. If you watch some of his videos, it's mind blowing.. He has even been willing to allow scientists to do quite a bit research on him. His main interest seems to be empowering people to heal themselves and reconnect with nature.

If you check out his blog there is no doubt he's also into nonduality: "Just to be aware, of awareness Be there, is to be here Mystery" he says. Wim Hof has another Discovery Channel documentary piece on the way, and a book!

for a good summation, scroll down and check out the Tedx in Amsterdam You Tube :


Hi Jerry-

I found this sitting in my inbox, and was particularly struck by Vicki Woodwards post "Waking Up Is Hard To Do"- I mean, who hasn't felt that way at times? But cheer up Vicki (and everyone else!) `cause the opposite is also equally true!

Waking up is not that hard... in fact, it's a breeze! Here is a song with that same title on this page that attempts to explain this:

Please enjoy.

Big love,

Some End Game Thoughts

By Dr. Stewart Bitkoff

[Dr. Bitkoff is a teacher in the Sufi tradition]

By cosmic design, we are living in an age of tremendous social upheaval, technological change and abundance of destructive natural phenomena. Many are concerned that this is the end of days; an ever present fear of death grips their daily life.

Travelers forget that in every moment we live and die. This moment is here and then it is gone. Is this not a small death? The secret is to make each moment a celebration.

The celebratory journey begins by changing your world view and realizing we came here to experience this hour. On a journey, we are spiritual travelers who have come to this realm to experience it all, and help those we can. Embrace each moment. Use each opportunity to rise higher.


Let us suppose for a moment, everything we see about us is an illusion; and the things we come in contact with will no longer be there when we awake from our dream like state.

What will we do? Will we cry or laugh? Will we be happy for this experience or will we want more? Will we have sweet or bitter memories? How will this multi-level experience prepare us for our real lives?

O traveler, give thought to this proposition; it is not very far from the Truth.


As the hour glass drains
What is important to you?
Each grain is a precious moment
That cannot be reclaimed.

What have you left undone?
What else do you wish to accomplish?
Who have you forgotten to embrace?

Consider your answer well.
We are not promised another day.


O the pain of death. The moment of bitterness as the soul separates from the body. What parent wants this for their child?

Yet, while the death of a loved one is a heart rending experience, we are not thinking in the proper way. In many respects, this life is a prison term for the soul and the moment of physical release is a joyous one. The soul is returning home. Also, learn to think of this release as a return to a greater freedom. For a moment, forget the worldly consciousness and focus on the transcendent.


O traveler, of what are you Created? Flesh and bone is only part of the answer. Remember you are a child of Spirit and will wake-up one day to find you have joined the morning sun- shinning across the universe.


Did you think this world of takers could go on forever? Governments and takers- lying to and stealing from the most helpless; takers filling their pockets with their neighbor's gold.

O spiritual traveler, you are on a journey; a grand adventure of sorts. Prepare for the next phase with its magnificent ports of call.


When the potter is forming a bowl and it has a defect which cannot be repaired: what does the potter do? Keeping the clay, the potter starts anew.

O traveler, the hour of change is upon us. That which will be kept is essential to the new form.


When the child cries, why must it be so? I have not been given the opportunity to reach my full potential. Answer with kindness. This destruction is necessary to the new form and that which you will be given will far exceed that which you lost.


And so the Prophecy must be fulfilled. You did not create this world and are not responsible for its decay. Yet, you are a child of flesh and have participated in the pain.

And as you chose this life so have you wished for this cup. Drink deep, my fellow travelers, we helped press the grapes.


Like the early Christians, as the lion attacks and devours us; will we lift our voices in prayer? And will we pull our loved ones toward us as we ascend to the Father's Chair?


You ask: why must it be so? I tell you our mind cannot understand. We must experience the answer; which is all part of the Creator's Plan.


The book of your life is filled with many blank pages. You are free to write on them whatever you choose.


Sit down and number all the things you are concerned about. Make a list and leave nothing out. These things, which make-up your list, are your gods. They are the things and people that fill your mind- instead of the Beloved.


The hour of a traveler's death is fixed. What is not fixed is how we spend our life. Use these hours well. They are as precious as any treasure you will ever find.


Many travelers think they automatically come back to this realm over and over. It is not like that. The soul is in an upward spiral toward God; and each soul sheds the clothes of its former existence- making itself perfect; one day to join God.

Transmigration of souls is on many levels; not just in the earth phase.


What bit of advice to offer your children? Love God and serve your fellow travelers.

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