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#4194 - Friday, March 18, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz 

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"Perhaps real wisdom lies in not seeking answers at all.  Any answer we find will not be true for long.  An answer is a place where we can fall asleep as life moves past us to its next question.  After all these years I have begun to wonder if the secret of living well is not in having all the answers but in pursuing unanswerable questions in good company."


        from My Grandfather's Blessings, by Rachel Naomi Remen, M.D.  page 338


sent by David McMullin


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James Waite




Part One: Learning to be "you". 

There probably has never been a time in world history where man has been
more  confused and distracted from reality. After twenty-one centuries,
life and the living of it has gotten...complicated! It's a learned
confusion, a learned distraction. It's a contemporary, cultivated and
civilized dis-ease that holds us enthralled against our real nature.


We learn who we should be, what we should think is true and how we should
feel in making love and war. We're weaned off of our innocent, open
essence, and intoduced to the idea that in order to survive and prosper,
we must struggle. We lace up our gloves and step into the ring determined
to change the world, to make it align with our expectations. We join the
human Fight Club, and the life of  "me" vs."you", "mine" vs."yours". And
we do all this in our mind.


We consult our mind to answer the central question of our birth: "What's
going on here?"  The question turns our sublime internal knowing to an
external "Who knows?" We begin to look everywhere and anywhere outside our
self, to others, to authority figures, for the answers. Answers we come to
fear. Answers we come to distrust. Answers that answer with answers. We're
living in this house of mirrors, and we no longer see things for what they
are- fragmented and fragmenting reflections of what we THINK is going on.


From early childhood, our thoughts and feelings are conditioned to accept
a socially proscribed range of  emotions and reject the rest. We learn how
to  bury those truer feelings which are not encouraged and supported by
our birth culture. In a word, we learn  to resist. In two words: to resist
and react. To react  from our newly acquired attitudes and conditioning
rather then act from the natural awareness we're born with. Of course, we
never can lose this awareness which we are, but the Life of the Mind we're
introduced to makes it seem hard to find our Self in all those mirrors. We
lose our naked innocence, our pure and simple  joy in the reality of




I had a thought when I was three,
Since then I've been dreaming I was "me".


Things get really complicated really fast, don't they? We learn that in
our mind, we have lots and lots of possibilities, many, many ways, both
good and bad, to see and experience things! We're all pretty multi-media
maxed and overmedicated! And what with all the heavy decisions we have to
make, and the opposing ways  we feel about them,it's hard to keep the show
on the road and rolling! Some days we sit stalled, out of gas, out of
gear, unable to move in any direction. And we wonder to ourself: " what's
this really all about?"


Well, in short, it's about our mind generated ideas and feelings. It's
about who we think we are, and how those supposed thoughts cause us to
feel the psychological, physical and spiritual aches and pains of everyday
living. It's about our Popular Dreams!

 ~  ~ ~ 

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