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#4208 - Friday, April 1, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz


The Nonduality Highlights -






Scott Kiloby has announced the new series of Living Realization meetings.  These live online meetings are based on the revised Living Realization e-book. They will take place with easy-to-use webcam technology.


Visit the online meeting schedule:


Scott is developing a different format, while attempting to provide more direct benefit to people. The new format includes three different meeting groups including the Awareness Group, the Inseparability Group, and the Middle Way Group. These groups are designed to help Scott meet people where they are. Scott invites you to experience this new approach and really dig in and see for yourself the value of it!


A message from Scott Kiloby (the creator of LR):



“Many teachings invite people to turn away from the content of their lives. My new approach invites us to go through the specific content of our lives, using it as the doorway to freedom. This new approach is more personal and allows for very specific inquiry and dialoguing.


I am moving away from the common satsang format where the teacher speaks to a group and everyone just listens. The new meetings will involve that format to a smaller degree. I am working to develop more innovative, ‘hands-on’ ways of meeting people where they are and having them participate more directly. This new way includes a three-group model, specific dialoguing between myself and those at the meeting, and branching off into private, one-on-one sessions in between meetings for deeper, more directed inquiry.


My basic reminder to: A.) Recognize awareness throughout the day, B.) let all appearances be as they are and C.) see that all appearances are inseparable is still at the forefront of the Living Realization meetings.  However, I've adding more specific inquiry that helps one break through the sense of oscillating between the recognition of awareness and the sense of separation (The I've got it/I've lost it syndrome).  I've also added the Unfindable Object Inquiry to these meetings, which is a tool that actively looks into the empty nature of phenomena instead of turning or withdrawing away from it. Turning away from appearances or the world assumes that the appearances and the world are separate from awareness (perhaps the biggest duality of all).  My addition of the Middle Way moves us away from absolutistic ideas about nonduality and awareness, so that nonduality is experienced as less of a viewpoint or philosophy and more of our actual, everyday experience, which includes being in the world in every way, not just "free of it."

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