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#4212 - Tuesday, April 5, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz


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Nonduality Street Interview with James Waite



“I show little interest in cooking up a ‘story’ and add only so much sweetening in words as it takes to wash down a nourishing content. This content is more than ideas and ideals; it’s our wordless Resonate Knowing or Divine Awareness…Reality, Truth, God.” James Waite


James Waite talks about his life and awakening in an interview with Jerry Katz. Listen here:


Waite’s blog is Nonduality Living:


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Introducing Robert Saltzman



Often, the beginning of spiritual awareness is compared to waking from a dream, but in my case the first signs of awakening happened in a dream. One night after having spent the entire day in the dark anyway making prints in my darkroom, I dreamt that I was rowing a small boat on a vast ocean. The sky and the sea appeared almost the same shade of grey so that I saw no definite horizon line. It was like being inside a vast, featureless, infinite globe. In the paradoxical dream language, I was facing not backwards the way one normally rows, but out to sea, looking into infinity.


I felt compelled to turn my head to see what was behind me. There, not so far away, but rapidly receding, was a headland, a tall, crumbling cliff with an old building standing on the edge of it. That structure was vast, enormous, and it was mouldering away. The floor, walls, and roofs were in a state of collapse, and the building was only standing at all due to a complex system of buttresses and supports that had been arranged all over it, and which extended onto the eroding cliffs.


Still in the dream, I knew immediately that I was looking at the ego, a structure always in imminent danger of collapse, and that I was leaving it behind. No more maintenance work--just let it go and row away into the vastness. I awoke absolutely stupefied. The whole experience had been so graphic, so unmistakably both a message and a statement of my actual situation. I'd never had a dream like that before, and never again since. Later that day, Catanya, my wife, returned home to find me sitting naked on the kitchen floor, eyes closed, laughing uncontrollably.

Soon after, in Walter (Chappell)'s company, I realized with sudden clarity what I am, what all of us are--everything which is not ego. My seeking stopped, the false duality of self/other disappeared, and I saw things as they are for the first time in my life--or for the first time since early childhood anyway. My gratitude for Walter's help is beyond measure. A spiritual teacher is a friend, yes, but more than a friend. Walter, you will live forever in my heart.


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