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#4225 - Tuesday, April 19, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights -


Wake up and try to work from the nondual state.


You have to go beyond knowledge. It's more like living it.







Chani, a Nova Scotia resident, gives her first interview:


Partial transcription of selected portions from the interview:


It's so easy to live in the state of duality. We think we are a separate entity which doesn't affect the other person. There is inter-coordination with every single thing and anything we do in the world, and any kind of decision we make is going to affect the other person.




We get confused and we start protecting our ideas, our beliefs. Anybody tells us any kind of story, we truly believe it and start defending it. We forget the basic truth. The basic truth is the fundamental knowledge of every religion, which does not mean reciting it as though some doctor gives us a prescription, we come home and start reciting it, reading it, protecting our books, worshipping it, bowing to it, and forget what's written in it, what it really means, how to apply it in our life. ... Nonduality is the essence of all religions.




I will not recommend anybody read one book and stick with it. That will put you in a box. Then you start defending that book and you get caught up in that. You have to be open to everything. Whatever shows you the way, you go for it.




Who is closest to us than ourselves? If we don't have a knowledge of ourself, which we don't, most of us, then how can we have knowledge of the other person and pass judgment on other people?


Listen to the interview:

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