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#4253 - Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - Editor: Jerry Katz

The Nonduality Highlights


Awakening is Immensely Practical

by Colin Drake

Awakening is immensely practical,

Transformative rather than tactical.

Existential angst does it banish,

This fear and anxiety totally vanish.

In this life unfolds with no personal ‘story’.

Then manifestation appears in all its glory.

When the world is met with a clear mind,

So vivid and alive do it we find.

Every sensation comes on so strong,

When unfiltered through what’s ‘right and wrong’.

Thus seeing things as they truly ‘are’

Our opinionated ego cannot mar.

When each moment is directly met,

The past and future go we let.

When the mind is still it does not distort,

So our experience does not fall short.

Sat-Cit-Ananda is another name,

For the source and essence of this cosmic game.

Sat – ‘What is’, Cit – Awareness of this,

Ananda – of this awareness the Bliss.

When awake we respond, rather than react,

To each situation depending on the fact.

Spontaneously does the mind our problems solve,

If unclouded by self then it will not ‘revolve’.

So I urge you all to awake,

Abandon self-image the great fake.

Investigate, discover what’s really here,

Leading to a life with no angst and fear!

~ ~ ~

Colin Drake is the author of Beyond the Separate Self, Humanity: Our Place in the Universe, and a new book to be released this week, A Light Unto Yourself. Find out about Colin's books at


A Rant on Effort

by Vicki Woodyard

I am tired of being meticulous in my search for enlightenment. Tired of combing the beach of my soul for shards of myself that one day I will glue into a New Me. Away with all of that. I am getting ready to crack and whack the shell of myself. No more Ms. Nice Guy. I am not an oxymoron, but a mere moron.

What started this rant was thinking of the Law of Reverse Effort. (Look it up if you can find a reference to it.) Instead of beating myself senseless about not doing it right, I am going to do it Totally Wrong.

No more Ms. Seeking Enlightenment. I don’t have a clue and if you want to share your story with me of how you came to realize you were one with everything, I will whack you with my shoe. I want to tell you how I am so NOT one with everything, including your silly stories.

People are up to no good and since I see that so clearly, I want nothing more to do with people. Especially seekers. Seekers are clearly on the edge of a cliff that is going nowhere but down. Turn that seeking upside down. Become a non-seeker.

Enlightenment is a pile of words.

A hot, steaming pile.

Of words.

So where was I? Did I wake up from the dream of being a seeker?

Dare I post this note on a Saturday morning when most seekers are being ridiculously serious about their seeking?

I refuse to carry the burden of unenlightenment a moment longer.. I might shoot somebody with it. You might see my picture on the post office wall. Wanted: Woman carrying unenlightenment. She is armed and dangerous..

*This essay was written by a deranged female who has no business posting facebooks notes before she has had her morning cup of guilt and shame. Mea culpa, Stupid. And read the sign before you knock.

Vicki Woodyard
Author, LIFE WITH A HOLE IN IT: That's How The Light Gets In

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